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Who Is A Good Leader?

This article is circulating on the Whatsapp. It is said to have been written by some ex- IPS officer and it may have been written by him/her but perhaps the author wants to remain anonymous. As the post is good, we thought of sharing it here.

Former IPS Officer says:-

I was so upbeat when Shashi Tharoor came into politics in 2009. I still remember talking to so many of my NRI friends on how the politics of India will change for better with highly accomplished people and intelligent people like him joining politics. Then by 2013, I was disillusioned with congress and felt Anna Hazare supported by IITian Kejriwal, IPS Kiran Bedi, great actor Aamir Khan will usher in a new change in India. I even donated to India against corruption, went to Ramlila maidaan to shout slogans

Now if I look back at it, the only thing I can do is laugh at myself. But I am happy that I realised the biggest flaw in my thinking. The reason we support people like Shashi Tharoor or a Kejriwal is they are well educated. We are brainwashed from childhood that education is equal to goodness.

Chidambaram is MBA from Harvard and we all know what he did. Mani Shankar Aiyar is from Cambridge – We all know what kind of rubbish he speaks. Kapil Sibal is Harvard Law graduate and all he does is write mercy petitions for terrorists and sells beef.

It is not that congress didn’t have highly educated people in the party. There were lots of them but they were all crooks. And a highly educated crook is even more dangerous as he can dupe you in even more innovative ways.

Everyone from Islamic invaders to Britishers were supported by highly educated and intelligent Indians. Yes, you need them to lord over the country? So the rulers of India cultivated a group of crooks who were well read to rule over us and keep us poor. And Chachaji and his family also continued this trend and cultivated a group of highly educated crooks to rule India. Today we call this group as Lootyens as they stay in an area called Lutyens in Delhi and loot us.

What is the change that BJP and Modi brought into politics?

It made jokers like me realise that IVY LEAGUE DEGREES doesn’t make you a patriot, inculcate honesty or bring goodness.

But people who cultivate character, personality on the basis of ethos of Culture and civilisation of India have patriotism and goodness in them.

Do this experiment if you don’t believe me:
You go into any random RSS Shaka in any part of the country and any time in the year.

And see what they teach those students – Patriotism, Service, Goodness, Honesty and Simplicity.

It is done every day and all throughout the year.

Tell me which Ivy League Univ, IIT, IIM, St Stephens, Doon school or any school where you pay lakhs of rupees as fees teach it?

I have been to world’s top Universities, have 6 degrees but no where my education taught me patriotism or goodness.
It is my dad who taught me and the books I read written by Swami Vivekananda or the man I idolise Shaheed Bhagat Singh who did this.

RSS shakhas do it for all the Sangh goers everyday. Hence people like Modi are so patriotic and honest. I don’t care if he went to school or he has MA or not.

A person who reads Swami Vivekanand or goes to a RSS Shaka is any day better than a crook with IIT or Harvard degree.

Yes that is what we need to realise.

Believe in your own ethos or the goodness of your own country. You will any day be better than believing in those degrees.



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1 year ago

Thank you Navneet. I have also received the same Whats app message. I don’t give much credibility of many of these messages that try to put some one in bad light as many of them are part of the political propaganda. We need to look at the best in people. Currently especially in Indian Social Media there has been polarization and is full of jibes and ridicules propagated by the IT cells of various political parties stirring the passions of people and creating hatred and rift. In fact one the main chapters in my book in progress is about this menace and how we people can change it as in inadvertently many of us become carriers of this hatred by forwarding them and make them viral. Thank you.

Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi(@bakshink)
1 year ago

Indeed Ushaji, I had exactly the same feelings when I read it. It has been put so succinctly and so truly that one can’t refrain from appreciating it unless one’s thoughts are loaded with a bias.

1 year ago

This is a fantastic writeup!! How true it is!! I will share this with as many as I can !!!
Kudos to whoever who wrote this !

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