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After Signing Up and Logging In, you are left at the Home Page, where you can see the following Buttons

Home, About Us, Creative, Poetry & Fiction, Magazine, Mariners World, Forum and Contact us.

On the right top corner, there are three options to choose from, namely Dashboard/Add Post/Logout and a Magnifying Glass which represents Search option.

The Activity pages have Sub-categories, which you can see as you roll over the mouse on them.

In case you want to read a Post in a certain Category, then you can choose that Category from the drop-down list by clicking on it and narrow down your search.

If you scroll down the Home Page further, you will find a Horizontal Strip with a Title “ Most Popular”. The strip scrolls horizontally, periodically. It also has a set of Radio Buttons below it. You can Click on those buttons to Slide the strip Fwd. or Backward. The Slides show a glimpse of the Post at a time and you can open the Post by clicking on it.

On further scrolling down the home page, it gets divided in to three Columns. The left two columns give the brief description of the Posts in the Chronological Order.

Each block has on top

  1. Title of the Post.
  2. Below the Title is the Date on which it was Published.
  3. Next to the Date is a “Number” with a “bubble” sign placed next to it.

The number shows the “Number of Comments” on the Post and you can directly go to the Post or the Comments by Clicking on the Post or the Comments.

Below the Date and Comments in the Block is “Category” if that was chosen by the Author. If the Author doesn’t select any Category while Publishing the Post then it gets Posted as “Uncategorized” Post.

Below the Category is a brief description about the post followed by “Read More” Button. You can open the post and read the full article, by pushing the button.

The Third Columns has a Title “Recent Posts”, where you will find the latest Posts with their Postage Stamp “Featured Images” and a Title on the right of it. Below the Title is the Author’s name followed by the date on which it was Posted.

Further down this Column, there is another Title “Forum Topics”. You can start new discussions or can post replies to the threads already started by others in Forum.  At present, the Categories of the Forum Discussions are not classified. I have asked the Admin to do that. As such there are not too many threads, so classification doesn’t matter. Categories are for ease of searching a particular string. I will update you on that and continue to Update this Post as we make new changes or additions to the existing site.


Posting A New Article/Comment/Discussion Topic

For posting a new article, a comment or a discussion topic, you have to be logged in.  From the Home Page at Right Corner Choose “Add Post”. You will be directed to the Text Editor Page.

You can directly write your post on the Editor Platform. Give the Title to it. On the right side of the Editor Platform some space is occupied by some set of blocks with buttons for various operations. You do not need to bother about all of them except those that are required for posting the articles. If you do not wish to Publish the article yet, you can Press the “Save Draft” Button. During the course of your writing the article, the software saves it automatically too, but that operation still keeps your post open in Edit Mode. But if you have saved your article using Save Draft option, you will have to go to the Home Page and return to the article once again using Dashboard option about which we will discuss shortly.

Before Pressing the “Publish” button, it is better to select a Category because it helps the website and the Writer too, in organizing the posts. It is easier for the site to promptly respond to the Search Commands. For the same reason, it is also advisable to add some Tags ( key words, or set of words) separated by the Commas, before hitting the “Publish” Button.


Adding Pictures/Audio/Videos to your Post

On the Top left side of the Editor there’s Push Button named “Add Media”. On pressing the button, by Default you are taken to a Media Library, which stores every Media file posted by you previously in some other posts. As you can see, it provides you with Search option (text based) on the Top Right or “Date Option”. Or you can click on the picture in the Gallery and it gets highlighted and a Window for adding more details appears on the Right Side of the Page. You can Add a Caption, Add Description or just simply press the “Insert into Post” Button provided at the Bottom Right. But if you want to add a new picture then you Press on “Upload Files” and you are presented with a fresh Screen in the centre of which is written “Drag and Drop or Select Files” Button.

You can open another window on the  screen and access a File in which you have the desired picture. You can drag and drop it in the space provided for it. When the file is uploading it gives shows you the Progress Bar and the Heading is UPLOADING FILE. After the file gets uploaded, the Button “Insert into Post” becomes Clear from the being Faded. You can Click on it and the Photo gets posted at the location where the cursor is on the Editor Platform. If you selected two or more pictures before using the Insert into Post button, they may appear side by side. You can simply highlight the picture and shift it to new location by first shifting the Cursor to that location first and then highlighting the pictures and dragging it down.

You can change the size of the picture and it’s alignment too

When you highlight the picture six icons appear on top of it. They are for aligning the picture, editing it or sending it to trash. After inserting the picture, you can move the cursor further down and continue with the text. You can also put the text down first and incorporate the pictures later.

In the similar fashion you can insert the link by clicking on the link and adding the URL.

If you have the URL of the Picture then you can select the URL option which is on the left

Choosing A Category
When you have opened the page for writing a new post, you are in Editor Mode. There’s a column on the extreme right of the Page. In the lower half of this Column there are options of the Categories listed from where, you can choose the Main and the Subcategory in which you want to get your post stored. This is helpful for both the Writer and the Reader because it makes the desired search easy. In addition to that you can add a few “Tags”. The option for including the Tags is below the Categories Section.
The tags can be the keywords from within the text of the blog including the title. They have to be separated by commas and they can make the text specific search faster. There is one more attractive feature below the Tags Section. It is “Featured Image”. If you want any image in your Post as the one that should appear in the snapshot of your Post on the Home Page of the website then, you can choose this while adding the pictures or even later by opening the article in the Edit Mode. In fact you can do all changes on your article by opening it in the Edit Mode. For Choosing the Image as a Featured Image, the procedure is same as that of posting the picture, except that the option” Featured Image from the Column on the Left has to be selected.

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Navneet Bakshi

Placeholder Image 90 is an experiment to bring the creative people together on one platform. It is a free platform for creativity. While there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of platforms that provide space for expression around the world, the feeling of being a part of fraternity is often lacking. If you have a creative urge, then this is the right place for you. You are welcome here to be one of us.

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