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Website Defects/Suggestions


1. Can we add a Button or a Prompt at the right side of the Comment Window against the Message- “You must be Logged in for Posting A Comment”

2. Can we make a provision of sending a mail from Admin for asking people to Post the Blogs or Appreciating them for getting good reviews?




Dashboard was taking a long time to open. Just check it.

1. Write a comment window is below RECENT POSTS scrolling strip, so it looks a little disconnected from the article. If possible, provide a POST A COMMENT  button just opposite the icons for FB, Twitter etc. at the bottom of the post. So that on pressing the button one can jump to the comments section.



4. Along side the Window for the Comments provide the buttons for Edit/Delete Comment.

5. Provide Report Abuse link for the Post and the Comments.

6. Comment should get immediately posted. It should not await for approval as both the person who posts it and the one on whose post the comment has been posted should have the option of deleting the comment.

7. Login Id should be visible on Right Corner all the time.

8. No button for Edit/Update Profile is available. Provide access to it.

9. Easy to load Profile picture option ( from Folder on Computer etc.) to provide and if Possible provide the Activity log of the person on the Profile Page.

10. When a person is at his own Post, he should have the Edit/Delete Post option available easily available and visible to him only.

11. If possible, change the font of the text of the posts to a little darker shade.

12. Provide Smileys, Icons and Gifs from tray opening on clicking the option in the Post and the Comments Editor.

13. 03-07-2020- When a person posts a blog with a picture, the title appears on a dull brown background, when the blog post is opened. Can the background colour changed to a more pleasant colour like Sky-blue? 





What is the Add Form Option? Can pdf file be added?

Why there are two Windows Recent Posts and Latest Posts. We can make one as Older Posts with a provision for scroll search as I said below.

Like the Recent Posts either there should be a Window in which the Titles of the Older Posts can be scrolled, so that a person searching for older Posts can easily find them and click and go to the Post he is searching for.

Add Standard Terms & Conditions Page regarding Copyright infringement, Pornographic stuff and other stuff that is damaging to the harmony and peace of the society and is harmful to the interest of the nation

After Editing the post and Pressing Update, either the Editor should present a blank page or one should be automatically taken back to the Home screen.

If the article has not been saved after adding pictures, links etcs and re-positioning them and the Option of “Set Featured Image” is used, he is directed to make selection from Saved Images, but if one decides to give up using the “Set Featured Image” option, he is presented with only Stay on the Page/ Leave page. If he chooses the Leave Page option, the article is lost. It is also not there in the saved draft.

Remove the picture from About us Page

1. Can we add some emojis  and Gifs from a Palette from where one can choose the one that suits easily?

But I could post the blog without the title ( by mistake) and it was accepted. That should not be allowed.

The posted blogs should scroll automatically, with postage stamp picture and Title.- across or vertically.

No option for Editing or Removing Blog or Comment.

Option for sending private message to someone who comments should be provided.

If possible add Auto-Correct feature and Thesaurus assistance to Editor

On the Home Page. the Pictures should keep scrolling with automatic Random selections from Posts. At present the picture on the Home Page is Frozen

Forum feature to add.

On the Profile Page- Give an easier option of adding a personal select from Folder


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Navneet Bakshi

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1 year ago

testing posting comment and then editing the comment. yup I can now edit my comment, there is a time limit though within which user can edit their comment. but not the rating.

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