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Mind is a moth eaten spider’s web!

By Suresh Rao / October 16, 2021

Folks, Our mind is a moth eaten spider’s web! Think about it for a moment. When we contemplate within ourselves… digging deep into our past… connecting the dots to go back to our childhood we often end up in a deep abyss… a bottomless hole that perhaps never existed for us!? Have you ever wondered…

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Lulu Global Mall comes to Bengaluru

By Suresh Rao / October 15, 2021

 (pic) Lulu Global Mall, Bengaluru) My dad used to work as DGM at what used to be ‘Minerva Mills’ and ‘Raja Mills’ more than half century back.  A giant Lulu Global Mall has come up now in the Minerva Mills compound. My dad had been awarded a full ‘scholarship’ to study textiles technology at Victoria…

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Power Politics in Karnataka state

By Suresh Rao / October 14, 2021

(pic) Pavagada Solar Park to become biggest solar park in the world soon. Pavagada Solar Park is a solar park spread over a total area of 13,000 acres (53 km2) in Pavagada taluk, Tumur district, Karnataka. 600 MW of power was commissioned by 31 January 2018 and a further 1,400 MW are planned.The total investment required…

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Bharat Biotech vaccine approved for age group 2 to 18 in India

By Suresh Rao / October 13, 2021

Folks, this is outstanding success for COVAXIN innovation by a totally Indian company, Bharat Biotech (Hq., Hyderabad) The Drugs and Comptroller General of India (DCGI) has reportedly approved the administration of Bharat Biotech’s Covaxin to children in the 2-18 years age group. According to news agency ANI, the Subject Expert Committee (SEC) has given the…

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Living At Constance Lodge….Part 10

By Navneet Bakshi / October 8, 2021

Living At Constance Lodge….Part 10 There were other simple games that kept us entertained for hours. One of them was Cat’s cradle. I think all of us who were born in 1950-60s must have played this game with a piece of thread. It used to be a woolen thread in our case because the thread…

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By Ushasurya / September 23, 2021

HOW OLD ARE YOU ?g Looking back with nostalgia I recall how easy it was to have pen friends abroad and have regular correspondence with them those days. I wonder if this still happens now, with all this advancement in technology. I mean, having Pen Friends. We did not know what they looked like –…

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Living At Constance Lodge—-Part 5

By Navneet Bakshi / September 20, 2021

She used to be in the kitchen and the aroma of preparations for the breakfast wafting through the air aroused my hunger. She had a lot of work to do in the morning as four of her children and a short-tempered husband had to be served the breakfast and all of them had to be…

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Baijnath group of temples

By Namita Sunder / July 22, 2021

Baijnath group of temples is located at Baijnath[ the place came to be known as Baijnath due to the temples group) in Bageshwar distt. of Uttarakhand. The place is hardly 17 to 18 Kms away from Kausani, a famous and very scenic hill station of uttarakhand.  The airport nearest to Baijnath is Pantnagar and the…

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Wooing Geeta…Part 2

By Navneet Bakshi / June 19, 2021

                                                                                ***********WOOING GEETA- PART 2********** Before I could open my heart to Geeta, her father got transferred to Amritsar. They went away with all their belongings leaving behind with me my longings. She took with her my little ‘bleating’ heart. What was left with me was a big void where the heart used to be.…

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About Biotechnology

By Siri AB / May 31, 2021

Biotechnology is not a new advancement in the area of science. It actually has been utilized for years, but was not significantly described as biotechnology. In its simple form, biotechnology means utilizing living organisms or their products to revise or change human health or the environment, or to run a process. Biotechnology itself is the…

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