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This Diwali- Make Sweets At Home

The festival season is around. The shops are preparing for a big rush of customers. They have started putting their stalls outside. Normally the it all starts with Dushera or Pooja Holidays. The decorations start coming up. The shopkeepers put up the pandals in open spaces in front of their shops and light those up with fancy decorative lights. The Halwaees or Sweet shops have big rush, especially the very popular ones, run out of stock everyday and almost always during this season we hear of police raids on shops for adulterated  “Mawa” or “Khoya” as we call the mass of milk boiled till water content of it boils of. It is difficult to make because the milk has to be constantly churned on slow fire, so that it doesn’t burn. This is the hard part, but it is necessary because even a slight smell of burnt milk can spoil the taste of the sweet. More than seventy percent of the North Indian sweets are made from Khoya. That’s why it is much in demand during Diwali season and still the suppliers cannot cope up with the demand. This gives a big opportunity of pushing in the adulterated stuff by the people who are always on the look out for making a fast buck.

As such because of Covid-19, people this years are wary of buying items like sweets from Halwaees as Indian sweets are traditionally made by hands. So, this year how about trying your hand on making some of them at home? Not a bad idea I would say. In South India in many homes all sweet meats are made at home. People in many Indian homes do not eat anything food items brought from outside.

Let us put together some recipes of Sweets for you.

Brought to us by Manjeet Kaur Kochhar


बिना मावा सिर्फ 10 मिनट में बनाएं, बाजार से भी ज्यादा अच्छी बर्फी / कलाकंद | Instant Barfi/ kalakand
* Cup size 250 ml
*150 gram/ 1 cup grated paneer
*1 cup milk powder
*1/2 cup milk
*1/4 cup/ 4 tbsp sugar
*1/4 tsp cardamom powder
*Pistachio for garnish (optional)
And from our friend Govind Panta who so often graces these columns with some excellent recipes
सिर्फ 1/2 लीटर दूध और आटे से बनाये ढेर सारे गुलाब जामुन | Make Lots of Gulab Jamun from 1/2 litre of milk.A recipe courtesy Foods and Falvours

And this following recipe is from out very own and very special Usha Surya Mani ji, who is a multi-talented recipe and an excellent cook. She has huge repertoire of recipes and a huge collection of her articles and stories.


From Ruchi’s Kitchen


Instant Rabri or Rabdi


Growing up, I have always relished my mom made desserts. She had that magic touch which could convert a simple pudding into a rich and heavenly delight at ease. Among all the sweets that my mom made, this one is my all time favorite Diwali sweet. Rabdi or rabri is a rich and heavenly Indian dessert prepared by boiling full fat milk until its is reduced to 1/4 its quantity. No doubt its a long and laborious process to make rabri, but it is truly indulgent and a D- licious festive sweet.

The secret to a rich and creamy rabri lies in slowly reduction of milk over the period of time, evaporating all its water content and the stuff that is left behind is a thick and creamy mixture.

RECIPE DETAIL – Over the years I’ve adapted my mom’s technique and came up with my very own version. My way of making this dessert is quick n easy and saves you a lot of time. I have used half and half milk for my recipe but feel free to substitute it with full cream milk. Fresh homemade paneer was used for my recipe, but store bought paneer will work just fine. Place paneer in a bowl of warm water for 10-15 minutes, drain and crumble paneer with your fingers.


Instant Rabri or Rabdi


Heat milk in a thick bottomed pan until it starts to bubble. Maintain a medium low heat and keep stirring continuously. As the milk starts to boil, lower the heat, add sugar followed by crumbled/grated paneer and khoya /mawa. Keep stirring and let it simmer for 10 – 15 minutes. The mixture will start to thicken, take it off the flame, add cardamom powder, nuts and keep it refrigerated until ready to serve. If Rabdi is too thick, add more milk and adjust its consistency. Just before serving garnish with some more nuts and enjoy with hot Gulab jamuns.

Instant Paneer Rabri or Rabdi


No doubt the slow cooking process of milk adds a subtle nutty flavor which makes this dish so flavorful and heavenly but below stated method is equally tasty and incredibly delicious. So those who want to treat their loved ones with an exceptional desserts this Diwali, try out Instant Rabri or Rabdi recipe.

With Thanks to all the people whose recipes we have taken for making this post. Please contact the links given in the post, if you want to learn more about their creativity. We are thankful to all the people whose recipes we have shared and it is our intent to promote them.

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1 year ago

Lovely easy to make recipes. Thank you Navneet
Oops!! How do I delete my original one ?

Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi(@bakshink)
1 year ago
Reply to  Ushasurya

Thanks a lot for coming and posting your recipe here. Don’t worry about deleting your post, I will edit mine.

Suresh Rao
Suresh Rao(@sureshrao)
1 year ago

WE do some of them at home; they are very indigenous and delicious.

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