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This recipe we have picked up from Raksha Ki Rasoi on FaceBook pages. This is what she says about her recipe

सिर्फ 2 कप दूध से रसमलाई बनाने का एकदम अनोखा तरीका जान लेगे तो हर बार इसे ही बनाएंगे/6 minutes rasmalai/new bread rasmalai
दो कप दूध से बनाए झटपट यह टेस्टी रसमलाई

Easy to Make Rasmalai

This recipe for Mutton Korma was posted by my friend Govind Panta. He is a food aficionado.  The recipe is from Yummy Foods.


Mutton Korma from Yummy Foods

He also brought to us another recipe from the page of Cook with Raksha for a healthy morning breakfast or snacks recipe

Cook with Raksha posted a video to playlist New easy recipe.

सिर्फ 2 चीजो से बना यह चटपटा नाश्ता अगर एक बार खालोगे यकीन मानिए बार-बार बना कर खाओगो/new easy breakfast
New tasty and healthy nashta recipe

And here’s the video

Aloo-Chana Fried Snacks

Some days ago he also had posted on the Face Book a video for Fish preparation. Let me bring to you that also before signing off. He had brought this recipe to us from Street Foods

Here’s the video

Fish Fry from Street Foods

Note:- All these recipes and videos are from the people whose credits have been mentioned in the post. We do not claim any rights on the recipes.

Bon Appe’tit !!


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