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Oil Spill

Fire On A Crude Oil Tanker Named- M.T. New Diamond

By Navneet Bakshi / September 6, 2020

Fire is one of the fearsome enemies of the sailors. Although the ships are equipped with full gear for fighting fire and it is kept in state of readiness, and the ship’s crew is trained to handle the fire, yet the fires on ships occur at frightening regularity. Regular drills are carried to keep the…

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The Shipping Trap

By Navneet Bakshi / August 16, 2020

A sailor friend has shared a beautiful video from NASDAILY, highlighting the very basic problem of ownership of blame in the Shipping Industry. The video talks of two recent incidents two bring home the point. 1st incident that it speaks of is of a Japanese Ship M.V. WAKASHIO that has run aground near Mauritius. The…

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