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By Navneet Bakshi / July 31, 2020

DRAWSTRING DRAMA ( From Memories of My Childhood) We had a long sunny verandah. There was only one entrance to the house and that was at an extreme end of the verandah. There was our bathroom to the right hand side as you entered and two closed doors of the adjoining apartment which mostly remained…

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Free Lunch At Chaat Shops- Remembering Shimla

By Navneet Bakshi / July 22, 2020

Free Lunch At Chaat Shops Jaikishen was a Kashmiri boy, fair complexioned, rosy cheeks, green eyes and golden hair. He looked cute and harmless but looks can be deceptive. He was my classmate and my fair weather friend, like most of the classmates are in school days. One day at lunch break I found my…

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Remebering Shimla


By Navneet Bakshi / June 17, 2020

STORIES FROM SHIMLA OF MY CHILDHOOD GHOSTS EVERYWHERE My mother taught me Hanuman Chaleesa or did she, I don’t remember but I remembered it all by heart. I had too, for Hanuman jee is supposed to protect one from ghosts. It is clearly stated there in Hanuman Chaleesa “ Bhoot, pishach nikat nahin aanvein, Mahavir…

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Remembering Winters Of Shimla

By Navneet Bakshi / May 5, 2020

Some days ago it snowed here. I noticed some tiny flakes floating in the air in the morning outside our window. Later they became big and frequent. My mind travelled half a century back in time. Little me standing next to my mother looking in wonderment outside the window on to a vast stretch of…

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