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Self Reliance (in Defence systems) might trigger renewed interest in new Railway Corridors

MY IDEA (conveyed to Modi PMO) 

Armed with the new Land Acquisition Ordinance let Indian Railways acquire 1/2-km of land (if no waste land available, at least 200 ft of land) on either side of existing rail tracks (in interstate corridors) wherever required.

Use such newly acquired land along the existing interstate rail-tracks for “Make In India for India.”

  • Lease such land to entrepreneurs (on 20 to 30 year short-term lease) to make Railway Fixtures, Steel Fixtures [(columns, roof trusses, flooring and roofing materials, even furniture needed by Railways and other GOI or State needs, government buildings,) &/or Indian Defence civil needs (example, uniforms, boots, belts, khaki bags, brass medallions etc etc; even spare parts of Defence helicopters…) by bringing labor to work there from crowded metros every day.

Government of India and States that give such land to Indian Railways can share the land-rent entrepreneurs will pay for leasing ‘key-rail-corridors’ by existing rail-tracks (between industrialised cities of Indian States.)

Pay market compensation to farmers who give such land for “Make in India for India” (if such land is currently in their possession.)

This is ‘Win Win’ for Indian Railways & Make in India for India campaign and deployment of labor from key-cities that are crying for employment opportunities for its skilled/un-skilled labor force. Railways have the best Mechanical, Electrical Engineers (in USA the veterans leaving service have such skills, they usually become self employed after leaving Navy or Army…) can train unskilled-labor coming from the cities and farm lands. 

  • It will also benefit farmers because railways can locate bogies or build sheds that can be used for manufacturing, digital connectivity, water, sewer lines etc in such ‘new rail-corridors’ to be leased to entrepreneurs.

FARMERS can even use such sheds (permanently positioned bogies) in these rail-corridors as warehouse for their fresh produce (perishable and non perishable) If need be such sheds can be kept air-cooled with  environment control to preserve perishable goods for longer time.

  • With such new ‘rail-corridors’ between major industrialized cities… labor, raw materials, and finished goods can be easily moved from State to State as needed

WHY? With ‘Make in India for India’ inside ‘Rail-Corridors’ at State boundaries there are many possibilities.

  • Jobless masses in crowded metros can go to work in secure ‘rail-corridors’, every day by trains to help build industrial products for Railways and Indian Defense establishments.
  • 1) Idling Urban Indians can find work in such ‘Make in India for India Rail-corridors’, they can also upgrade their skill-sets to work in industries.
  • 2) Grazing cattle on either side of rail-tracks can be prevented from coming on to unmanned zones because such new make in India rail-corridors can be barricaded from wasted agricultural lands midway between States where nothing is practically grown now (may be because the neighboring States find such lands far away from their major economic centers in center cities) except ‘wild brush and shrubs’ in rainy season.

(NOTE: Only 1/2-km from existing interstate rail-tracks, acquired selectively (meaning, only where needed with consent of States)… that too only in                           wasted lands (not presently cultivated lands,) at ‘State Boundaries’… is all the new land that may be needed or needed to be acquired under the…….….………newer ‘Land Acquisition Act’ (parallel to existing rail-tracks at interstate boundaries.)

       Buying such land everywhere by current rail-tracks is not suggested.

  • 3) Rural Indians can also find work in such ‘secure rail-corridors’ at State boundaries when their hands are free (without much work) between seasonal crops.
  • 4) Indian Railways will increase its revenue by leasing land to Foreign and Indian entrepreneurs who can build factory-sheds in remote areas away      from crowded cities (between state capitals,) storing raw materials and finished products in ‘secure railway-zones’.
  •  5) Raw materials, labor can be brought to factory locations easily by existing rail-road; finished products can be easily transported from such secure manufacturing zones to urban centers (without upgrading present road transport infrastructure or Inter-State Highways.)
  • 6) In Rural India agricultural produce can be processed easily at such ‘rail corridors’; they can be quickly transported to cities & neighboring States           using ‘goods-trains’ where manufactured or processed produce (pre-packed foods in vacuum sealed tins, for example...) would have                 ready markets.
  • 7) Storage sheds inside secure ‘rail-corridors’ can be used to stock grains, for cold storage of seeds, cool storage of budding plants etc.
  • 8) Where there is demand… such additional new land acquired (on either side of existing rail-tracks between States) can also be used for high-speed trains and bullet trains on elevated tracks.

Dear PM and Indian Railway Officials:

Give my idea a thought, make a vision statement (with budget provision in next railway budget if you like MY IDEA on Make in India for India inside secure rail-corridors.)

This can bring more revenue for Indian Railways and also to new entrepreneurs wanting to invest in Indian manufacturing for the benefit of Indians.


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Suresh Rao

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Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
2 years ago

This is a very thoughtful suggestion. Have you sent it across? I think you must send it to PMO and Piyush Goyal. Yes, there might be some hurdles by vested interests and political spoil sports but by and large, by the thinking, sensible, people it should have no difficulty in being accepted. Maybe there are places where, the colonies or the fields or the “mosques” are within the zone, but the temples and Mosques can be left untouched and the shanties shifted. As far as I can recollect from my journeys with Indian Railways- most of such areas are wastelands or sprawling slums.

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