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Quantum Weirdness.

 Quantum weirdness

John shot up from the bed and sat on the edge transfixed. He didn’t know what hit him and why he felt the shock. He closed his eyes and tried to figure out what made him leave the lovemaking halfway just as his wife was coming to. 

When he opened his eyes after a moment, he found his wife standing before him and scanning him with the professional manner of a doctor and love of a devoted wife. 

“What’s wrong, John? You were going great guns?” Sally, his wife, asked. “I don’t know. I’d a shock, a strange shock. I can’t figure out.”

 “A shock, what type of shock? Where was it?”

 “It’s strange like an electric shock. I can’t put my finger on it.”

“OK, let me give you a test.” She asked him to raise both his hands, smile, and speak a sentence on any subject of his choice. When John passed the test, she said, “It’s not a stroke. Let me give you a checkup.” She fetched her kit and checked his BP, pulse, and other parameters and found them reasonable. 

By then, John regained his composure. “This is the first time I’m getting a checkup by a naked doctor,” he guffawed. 

“Thank you, you have a doctor, dressed or naked to give this checkup. You got me worried for a few minutes.” 

“What do you think it could be? I lead an active life, workout regularly, and have nothing to stress me out. Why this shock?” 

“Come to bed. I’ll take you to the hospital first thing in the morning and get a full scanning. It could be anything. I can’t say offhand.” 

“I have an important assignment with the Dean tomorrow.” 

“Tell him it’s doctor’s orders.” she said and pushed him on the bed. 

The next morning John went to the hospital, and Sally had put him through all tests, including a complete body scan and an MRI of his brain. The results showed everything normal. 

“What the devil was wrong with you last night? Are you seeing another woman?” 

“C mon Sally, how could you even think of it?” Dr. John said. 

“A young, good-looking professor of Physics will be any woman’s delight. Forget it. I’ll talk to the head physician. He might have a clue.” 

It was too late to go to University. “OK, let’s have dinner out to forget the incident,” he said. 

The rest of the day passed off with no trouble. Both the doctors dressed to their nines and went to an upscale restaurant for dinner. As they approached the restaurant in their BMW sedan, they found all spots adjacent to the restaurant occupied. The only place available was across the road. John parked, got out of the car, opened the door for his wife, and waited to cross the street. 

Surprisingly, the traffic on a road that had sparse traffic on other days was dense at that time. Cars zoomed past in quick succession. “What’s going on? Why all this traffic today? “Sally asked. 

“I don’t know,” he said and waited for a break to cross the road. 

After five minutes, the traffic eased off, and the last car approached. John, who waited patiently until then, suddenly lunged forward to cross the road. He dashed as if his life depended upon crossing the street. Sally pulled him back with all her strength. 

“Have you lost your mind? The car would have run over you. You waited so long. It was the last car, and no other car was in sight. What’s wrong?” she asked with an edge to her voice. 

John stood speechless in the middle of the road with a dazed expression. 

“It could’ve been a fatal accident. Why did you run? “ 

“I genuinely don’t know. Seriously, did I run? “John asked and held Sally to steady himself. 

“Yeah, you almost killed yourself. What’s going on?” 

“I just felt like crossing the road. It seemed urgent, and I couldn’t wait.” 

“Last night, it was lame, and now it’s almost fatal. We have a serious problem.” Sally said. 

“I don’t know what got into me. Let’s quit worrying and enjoy our dinner,” John said and led her to the restaurant where the couple, frequent visitors, received the almost royal treatment. An excellent dinner with a vintage wine and a grand dessert at the end soothed the frayed nerves. 

At home, John made love to his wife and made amends to his dismal performance the night before. “It’s OK, we got worried about nothing last night,” he said. 

The next day, while taking a class in quantum physics in the third session, John paused for a minute as if he had lost his chain of thought. He turned around from the blackboard on which he was writing an equation and jumped from the podium. He rushed across the room, hit the wall at the other end, and collapsed. 

He was rushed to the ER, where his anxious wife put him through all possible scans and tests. With all the results in hand, Sally entered John’s room in the hospital, looked quizzically at him, and said, “No one could figure out what is wrong with you. What’s going on? Why this irrational behavior? Have any idea?” 

“I’m getting vexed, telling the doctors I get a sudden urge for reasons not known to me. What that urge is and why I’m acting this way is beyond me. It is for you guys in white coats to solve my problem. Don’t you think?” 

John could see the bewildered expressions of his wife, and assured her, “Look, rest assured, there is no other woman.” 

“Yeah, I’ve no doubt now. I reckon I’ll take you to a psychiatrist.” 

“Why a shrink? I’m not weird, am I?” He shot up from the bed, shook her shoulders, looked straight in her eye, and protested, “You think I’m a weirdo, do you?” 

“Positively no, John. Yet there may be something we cannot fathom. You have nothing to lose, seeing a shrink for a few sessions. Maybe, he will discover the secret behind these strange attacks.” 

“I don’t think so, Sally. I’m a man of science, and I have no reason to believe some of my past actions influence me. These theories about childhood influence and Karma doctrine – I don’t buy them.” 

“You never know. Trust me; it’s worth the trouble of consulting

a shrink.” “OK, Sally, I’ll do anything you say to make you happy,”

 “I love you, John.”

John had two sessions with the Psychiatrist and had gone through several phases of his childhood and all significant events of his life until he married the beautiful physician, Sally. The doctor listened patiently, took copious notes, but made no comments worth mentioning. 

“What do you think, Doc?” John asked. 

“I can appreciate your anxiety, but I need more time to get to the bottom of it.” 

During the next session, the doctor asked him to narrate his escapades in his youth without leaving anything. 

“I’m not much of a lady’s man, Doc. I was almost a virgin when I married Sally.” 

“Fascinating. Why did you say almost? You were a virgin or not, but why almost? Go on…” 

John then narrated an incident he had long consigned to the labyrinth of his memory. While in high school, Ruth had a crush on him and chased him. He was more interested in academics and less about girls and sex. One day, while returning from a movie in his dad’s car, he gave a lift to her. She persuaded him to drive to a secluded spot and started necking him. One thing led to another, and he took her to the rear seat, and soon he was inside her. Just as he was losing his cherry, bright headlights put them in a spot. He got off and adjusted her dress. He and Ruth waited for the car to move away, but it took some time. By then, he lost interest and dropped her home. That was the first and last time he had an encounter with a woman before marriage. 

“Did you tell Sally about this incident?” 

“I didn’t think it was worth mentioning. It’s just a commonplace event. But she was pleasantly surprised when I said I was a virgin.” 

“What do you teach in college?” 

“I am a professor of Physics, and I mostly teach quantum physics. What has that got to do with my sex life?” 

“Eureka, I think I got it,” the Doc said, shot up from the chair, and picked up a book from a shelf full of books on the wall opposite to him. He opened the book and studied it for a few minutes and returned to his seat. 

“Entanglement, does this word ring a bell for you?”

 “Yes, there is quantum entanglement. It’s a complicated theory.” “Go on, tell me more about it,” the doctor prodded him.

“It’s difficult to explain. To put it in simple terms, it involves two molecules. When they are entangled and later separated, each molecule reacts when one of them is measured or acted upon even when separated by a long distance.” 

“Precisely, I thought so. I suppose this can happen with humans as well.” 

“What do you mean?” John stood up from the couch and added, “What has this got to do with me?” 

“I guess you got entangled with Ruth when you were young. Now your actions must be responses to her actions simultaneously. Where is this Ruth now? Any idea?” The doctor looked smug as if he had solved a long-standing mystery. 

“I lost track of her after leaving high school.” 

“If I were you, I’d search heaven and hell for her and disentangle myself with her,” he said and shook hands with the professor. 

Several inquiries revealed Ruth was serving as an officer with a combat unit in Afghanistan. John took the first available flight and landed in Kabul, where he met with Ruth. 

“Hi, John, I can’t believe you made this long trip just to meet me. How are you doing?” 

“I’m a professor of Physics and married. I need your help,” he said. 

“My help, in what way? I thought we lost contact long ago. Anyways what help?” 

He explained in detail the series of incidents that brought him to her. “I want to understand whether those events are related anyway to your actions,” he said. 

“Let me see.” She converted the time to her time zone, pondered over for some time, and said, “I guess they are related. In the first instance, I jumped high and long due to a grenade exploded about ten feet from me. In the second case, I ran across a fast-approaching truck. In the last incident, I sprinted across to help a soldier who took a hit. I tripped over a rock and fell on the wounded man.” 

“Seriously, I’ve my doubts about the theory, and I never thought we were entangled. Now I’m not sure. There may be some truth in it.” 

“What do you think is the answer to your problem?” she asked.

“Looks like we were entangled, and we must reverse the situation.”

“Sounds fine, what do you have in mind?” 

Dr. John scratched his head. He had read about entanglement but never heard of disentanglement. There were no theories, nor did his doctor prescribe any method or medication. 

“What does the professor say? I’m only an Army officer. I have no clue,” she said. 

“This is a weird situation. The solution to my problem may be equally unusual or stupid.” 

“Whatever, I’m ready to help you.” 

“It might have started when we coupled. Maybe we should decouple,” he said. 

“What do you mean by decoupling? We’re not some machines, are we?” 

“As I said it’s a bizarre solution,” he said 

“OK, creepy it may be, but what do you suggest? I’m ready to go the extra mile to help you. You came all the way here. That’s the least I can do.” 

“Let’s finish what we started once,” he said with a deadpan face.

“Are you sure it’s the correct solution?”

 “I’m not sure at all, but I can’t think of anything better.”

“Would your wife approve?” 

“I’m sure she is a sensible doctor. She would see it more as a therapy and not betrayal?” 

“Let me talk to your wife. If it’s OK with her, I don’t mind helping you.” 

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RAMARAO Garimella

A retired Commander of the Indian Navy and a Master Mariner for 18 years. A writer with several articles and short stories published in Indian newspapers and magazines. A writer with more than 700 blogs (400 in Sulekha, 150 in and 150 in I have seven books published, including one children's book for American children. I am the first Indian to publish a children's book for American children published in the USA. The second is due shortly. For details please visit my website
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Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

That was a dangerous entanglement. I don’t see any easy solution to this except some quarks and sparks 🙂

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