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Revisiting Shimla

By Navneet Bakshi | January 1, 2022

********** Revisiting Shimla*************** So, we are back to home at Chandigarh after a trip to Shimla. That was an engrossing trip, I took to relive the memories of my childhood spent sixty years ago. The ground under my feet didn’t feel any different, but the horizon had all changed. Not as far as my old…


By Ushasurya | February 20, 2021

It had vanished! I am talking about a vessel that I had left on the stove.  I had gone to the backyard – garden – to pluck fresh coriander leaves. As I walked back  into the kitchen after washing my feet, I was shocked as that divine flavour of the rasam was missing. I remembered…

Slippery Carpet or Tight Rope Walk?

By Suresh Rao | May 15, 2022

Anand Mishra, writes in DHNS, New Delhi, MAY 15 2022, 22:42 IST  UPDATED: MAY 15 2022, 22:48 IST (pic) Credit: PTI Photo SENIOR COGRESS LEADERS GREET SONIA GANDHI (Congress President)  Facing the twin challenge of arresting Congress’s decline in most states and the need to recapture power at the Centre, Udaipur Nav Sankalp Declaration. Read more…

Baby Signal System

By Rcay | August 4, 2020

                            Baby Signal System  Like any other child at birth, Vivek cried as he was born on a September evening. This was of course sweet music to his parents who got him as their wedding day gift and they had been waiting…

NASA touches and probes an Asteroid

By Suresh Rao | October 22, 2020

(pic) This NASA handout image obtained on October 21, 2020 shows Nightingale Hazard Map and TAG Location (L-top R) and NASA’s robotic arm from spacecraft Osiris-Rex (bottom R) making contact with asteroid Bennu to collect samples. – When NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft touched the surface of an asteroid this Tuesday, after a four year long journey, …


By Suresh Rao | December 23, 2020

My Source:  Despite Indian claims as an emerging ‘World Power’, Despite weakness of the USD in 2020, Indian rupee linked to International currencies in general and S-Asian currencies in particular, failed to emerge from its weak performance throughout year 2020. Most other Asian currencies remained stronger against the USD in 2020. Even Nepal currency…

Kelash Kumar born in Sindh Province promoted to Lt Colonel in Pakistan Army

By Suresh Rao | February 26, 2022

EXCERPTS FROM WION © Provided by WION – In a first, an army officer from Pakistan’s minority Hindu community, Kelash Kumar, has become the first man to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. – This is not the first time Kumar has made history, in 2019, he became the first-ever Hindu to be…

Is US Hegemony getting hit after Ukraine attack by Russia?

By Suresh Rao | March 5, 2022

During the so called ‘REAGAN ERA’ (1981 through 1989) liberalization of US foreign policy with breaking of barriers between East and West… that included smashing of famous ‘Berlin-wall’, with words- “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall” was the best thing that could happen for economies of many countries in East as well as the West. Come to…

Chemicals of Happiness

By Rcay | February 13, 2022

  Chemicals of Happiness Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin & Endorphins are the four chemicals released in our brain that affect happiness. A fair dose of DOSE daily can keep us happy always. Dopamine is the kindness chemical released whenever we accomplish a task or goal. Acts of kindness towards others make their natural release. So we need to be empathetic and compassionate…

US Naval Guns to Indian War Warships to modernise… make them combat ready this year

By Suresh Rao | January 7, 2021

Military ties between Indian and American defence forces are growing further in the middle of a conflict with China, as the US Navy has agreed to provide three 127mm medium calibre guns from its own inventory to urgently equip warships of the Indian Navy as part of a Rs 3,800 crore deal. This is in…

Shaping The Ideas

By ishanbakshi - May 2, 2020 - 1

After coming back from China, I had to get a lot of woodwork done in my house as during our stay away from home for nearly three years, the termites had had a field day. Besides, what was removed, the way these carpenters work in India, I am left with huge pile of good, reusable and new boards, panels and…

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Attempting To Change The Perception

By ishanbakshi - May 2, 2020 - Comments Off on Attempting To Change The Perception

This Blog started as a comment on the blog “So what will another five years of Modi be like ?” by Pathmanathan, who admitted that he has never been to India and therefore his views were based on media reports. Thank God, his views are not based on Indian media’s reports or he would be expressing grave concerns about re-election of…

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Interfering with Nature

By blogfriends - April 29, 2020 - 7

Interfering with Nature. Speculations are rife and many theories are being propounded about the origin of Corona virus, but yet none is confirmed. It will go on and on until what caused the infection in the patient Zero is established and after that a new set of claimants vying for a share for glory will surface. There are people already…

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Akshyay Tritiya A Sequel By Katokatha

By raman - April 28, 2020 - 2
in ,

Akshyay Tritiya – A Sequel By Sreechandra Banerjee When I wrote on Akshyay Tritiya last Sunday, in a hurry I couldn’t include many things, so thought of writing a sequel. Besides, I received a video on the Chaitri Hindola Puja of Akshyay Tritiya held this year (on 26th April, 2020) at Mahalaxmi Temple, Kolhapur. So, I had to post this…

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