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Our Daughter

Our daughter

We saw her first in the monitor of Dr. Usha and were captivated.   Dr. Usha is a renowned and experienced gynecologist who gave us hope and followed through from detecting the pregnancy to the delivery of our sons.

Dr. Usha has become our close family friend over the years that we visit her often just after a call to make sure that she is not busy.

“She looks cute,” my hubby said as if reading my lips.

We have been yearning for a daughter, right from our honeymoon days.    The birth of our two sons years back has only increased our desire for a daughter.

We were eager to see the reactions of our sons, especially the eldest.   We shared the details with them on reaching home. They were excited to see her and joined us whenever we saw her on the monitor.

We saw her many times in the weeks and months that progressed, and we are familiar with her looks, movements, and sound and are looking forward to her arrival at home.  We started dreaming about her in various dresses and at different stages of life. I pictured her in bridal dress and then as a mother to a cute girl.  My imagination went further – She, her daughter, and me in a group photo of the three generations of women. We wanted her as early as possible and are getting impatient after each session. We have to wait for the gestation period and be patient.

We wanted to have colorful dresses for our daughter in addition to the traditional ones.   We made matching jewelry and all other accessories to go with them. Last week, we installed a new A/c and made a separate room with a comfortable bed, soft bed sheets, and matching curtains.

We were planning meticulously, each and everything, to make her comfortable from day one. The last two days have been very hectic for us as we have been out of our house.

We are now on our way home to prepare for Arathi to give our daughter a traditional welcome as she steps in for the first time. Our eldest son Vivek married her (Drishya) last week. We have gone to the airport to receive them after their honeymoon. Drishya is coming with our sons in the car behind us. Our yearning for a daughter has not gone yet, as we are looking for our second daughter.

*** Rcay****

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Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
1 month ago

Beautiful. Welcome back. I can read your pain, your loss through many of the stories that you have written including this one. Sometimes that long wait for the child ends up in a tragedy. Let’s hope now this new woman in your family ushers in that happiness you have been longing for.

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