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New Statue for Ramanuja inaugurated by PM Modi in Bhagyapuri (Telangana State, India)

The chariots made of sandstone at Sriramanujacharya Samata-Kendramare are inspired by the iconic stone chariot at the Vijaya-Vittala temple complex in Hampi, a Unesco world heritage site in Vijayanagara district. PTI FILE PHOTO

(pic) chariots made of sandstone at ‘Sri Ramanuja ‘Samata-Kendramu’ are inspired by the iconic stone chariot at the ‘Vijaya-Vittala temple complex in Hampi (Karnataka,)’ a Unesco world heritage site in Vijayanagara district. (source of pic: PTI FILE PHOTO)


Statue of Equality  

The 216-feet tall ‘Statue of Equality’ of Sriramanujacharya that Prime Minister Narendra Modi “dedicated to the world” recently was made in China and cost about Rs 135 crore.

China’s Aerosun Corporation was awarded the contract in August 2015 while an Indian company was also in the fray.

Casting works were carried out in China and the statue was brought here in 1,600 pieces. The installation took place in 2017-18, taking about 15 months, according to a report by Deccan Herald.

The statue is mounted on a 54-feet high base building, named ‘Bhadra Vedi’, which has floors devoted to a Vedic digital library and research centre, ancient Indian texts, a theatre, an educational gallery detailing many works of Sri Ramanujacharya.

The statue – among the world’s tallest – has been conceptualised by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami of Sri Ramanujacharya Ashram.

‘Bhagyapuri’ is the newest spiritual tourism attraction in Telangana – a vast temple complex on 45 acres, with a 216-feet Ramanujacharya statue in the centre – has a Karnataka connection too!

I understand there is a plan to link up ‘Bhagyapuri’ with Gaya (in Bihar,) Kashi and Mathura (in U.P) and also the ‘The Char Dham’ (meaning: four abodes or four pilgrimage sites.)

Hindus with some (any) spirituality left in them believe that visiting these sites helps in achieving moksha (salvation).

The ‘Char Dhams’ are, Badrinath (in Uttarkhand state of India,) Dwarka (in Gujarat state of India,) Jagannath Puri (in Odisha state of India) and last but not least, Rameshwaram (in Tamilnadu state of India.)


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Another place in Andhra Pradesh where ancient spiritual history from Bhagavat_puranas have been immortalised in brick and plaster is SURENDRAPURI.

I have visited SURENDRAPURI. It takes a whole day to visit enchanting episodes from Srimad Bhagavatam that have been elugised there. View some of them in my blog@

In my view, Tamilnadu & Kerala state have lost all spiritual history and philosophy of sanatana Hinduism because of colonial dominance and influences from tyranny of Mughul rule (of over 1000 years in India;) also British Raj (of over 200 years in India.) Alien  Marxism and Maoism has filled the vacuum in these 2-southern States of India. Shiva temples in these 2-states have been derprived of ancient heritage, spiritual history, vedantic thoughts of ‘Ramanuja’ due to liberal pseudo secularism that has gripped the administrators there. 

Indian Administrative Service (IAS) and Indian Police Serice (IPS) officers and Judiciary in High Courts in these 2-states just play second fiddle to politicians that rule Tamilnadu and Kerala with an atheist mindset.



According to Article 343 of the Indian Constitution, India has no National Language but, English and Hindi are ‘popular’ official languages. Each State of India has own official language.

  • (popular as in ‘majority ‘of people who can understand or speak or communicate in a language with other members in a gathering in India.)

However, Members of Parliament and State Assemblies are allowed to speak in a language that is comfortable to them in order to interact with other members of Parliament/State Assembly. For ‘official languages’ of India, Parliament and State Assemblies provide audio translation devices for use during a Parliament/Assembly session. 

More on languages in India@  Languages of India – New World Encyclopedia







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Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
3 months ago

But at home, there are people who can do anything to see him removed from office and this is tragic. Wonder why hatred should be so overpowering as to deny oneself even the ability to judge what is good in a person. Ever since he has assumed office, his popularity has been growing and so is with the bitterness in the hearts of the people who don’t like him for one reason or the other. The exhibition of this by Telengana C.M. is the latest addition to the long list of them. Does it matter to him? For decades we haven’t had such a dedicated selfless and nationalist leader.

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