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My besttt friend.

My bestttFriend

As the kids say in the TV ad

My bestttt friend!
He left a twinge in my heart
Before he departed
He gave no sign of no-return!

I sit in my terrace alone
Feeling that loneliness
A deep inside silence
That he left on my surroundings
That he wounded on my heart
Still aching and not able to come to terms
Not able to reconcile myself;
The vacant chair before me
Revives my pain in my heart

The silence in the ambience
Fears my feelings further

The sounds generated by my family and my pet
Makes no consolation makes no concession

My family is around taking care of me
Getting my coffee getting my supper
On time on demand
But I sit in my chair
Staring at stars!
Finishing small after large after small and on!

But some vacuum feeling is squeezing my heart
Some frustration some helplessness
Is chasing me from dawn to dusk

That vacant chair before me!
Causing pain in my heart

Those were the evenings
We spent moments of
Sharing laughing politics
Current affairs, movies and families!
Wealth and health!

He too was irresponsible
He left that pain in my heart
He left such a vacuum for all

He ought to have taken care of his heart
he allowed it to block;
and left a pain in our hearts! Forever!

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Krishna Baalu Iyer

Hailing from Tanjavur TN, parents settled in Andhra in 1950's. Served as a Gazetted Officer over 22 yrs. and took VRS in1998. Presently living in Bengaluru. Two son's married off. I am a writer in English and Telugu. Enthusiast in Indus Valley Civilization, History, Hinduism. A strong Right Wing ideologue.
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1 year ago

it is indeed sad to lose a bosom friend!
But life sees no takes away everyone when the time comes for him/ her to go!!
We have to be happy and contended for the nice relationships and memories we cherish!

Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

It is sad to lose a bosom friend. The pain of the loss is very personal, it can’t be shared or explained and yes, the loss leaves a vacuum in the heart, in the life in the whole meaning of life, but the creator has His own calendar, His own agenda. No matter, what we do, what we wish, we have to live according to His plans and that’s where should we seek solace.

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