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Memoir of a Gulmohar tree

The most awaited month has arrived

May, the month of vibrant colors

It brings a wave of crimson spread

My branches shine in vibrant colors

Dancing to the tune of a mild breeze

The Garden looks deserted in the crowd

The garden appears deserted to me

No one to appreciate my blossom

No one caresses, no charm in the eyes

Behind the camera hide those eyes

Holding a camera in their hands

The artificial smile they wear

Moving swiftly to have more clicks

On seeing hands holding a camera

A wave of uneasiness I feel inside

Yet a fake smile on my petals I pose

Hard to smile as tedium grips my soul.

I hate the flash and the clicks.

However, love the pair of eyes

Eyes hiding behind the camera

I yearn for those beautiful days

When there were no cameras

People have a lot of time for fun

And cherish the beauty of nature.

Visitors would stroll around me

Grasp my beauty in their eyes

I cherish the charm in those eyes

Old ones shared sweet memories

And young ones their dreams

Those sweet moments are gone

In the middle of the crowd, I stand alone


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Yash Chhabra

Love poetry. Started writing at the starlitecafe . Then moved into Surekha and settled at Facebook.
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Namita Sunder
6 months ago

very true, nature is always ready to give out with open hands but we don’t have an inclination to receive. nicely expressed.

Navneet Bakshi
7 months ago

Yes,so true. Now a days, people do not have to time to drink the beauty, to breathe it, feel it- they just want to click it and store it in their Smart Phone cameras from where they trash them once the memory gets filled. First of all, the pleasure that is there in seeing, it live is different than seeing the picture of it. There are stories in those moments, which do not get woven in to the shots. It is same as is the difference between something live and dead.

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