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Kamala Harris, VP candidate in coming US Elections

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Photo  I got over WhatsApp. The little girl at bottom right is likely to be Kamala when she visited her grandparents in Chennai with her mother, then a civil rights activist from Chennai (at left) [HOPE I AM CORRECT here… this picture is a Whatsapp forward]

Campaigning is on in USA for  next President of USA. Candidates (nominees from political parties) face elections in November 2020.

Joe Biden (a former VP of USA) is the nominee from Democratic Party; President Donald Trump is Republican party nominee.

Joe Biden has picked Senator KAMALA HARRIS  of Indian American ancestry.

Picture posted is an old family photo of Kamala with family in India, possibly taken when she came down to her grand parents home in Chennai for a visit.

I got this photo from a WhatsApp message sent to me from a US friend.


Brief Bio of Kamala Harris:

Kamala is of Indian-Jamaican Origin, with A Story Of Many Firsts. Kamala was born to immigrant parents, a Jamaican father and an Indian mother.

Her father, Donald Harris, was from Jamaica, and her mother, Shyamala Gopalan, a cancer researcher and civil rights activist from Chennai.

See the source image

A recent photo of Senator Kamala Harris (photo is from the net)

Kamala Devi Harris (/ ˈkɑːmələ / KAH-mə-lə; born October 20, 1964) is an American lawyer and politician serving as the junior United States Senator from California since 2017.

She is a member of the Democratic Party in USA. Kamala Harris is the second African American woman and the first South Asian American to serve in the United States Senate.

She is the first multi-racial person picked as a nominee to face national election as Vice President nominee from the Democratic Party in coming (November 3) US Elections. Her mother is Indian, father African (from Jamaica) and her husband is of a white race. She is a popular Senator serving office now in US Senate, representing a California constituency. She was Born in Oakland, California.


Education: Howard University (BA), University of California at Hastings (JD)

Parents: Shyamala Gopalan (mother), Donald Harris (father)

Kamala Harris is currently a serving junior US Senator from California State (since 2017);

Previously, she was Attorney General in California.

More on Kamala Harris@

Racist slurs are  being hurled at Kamala Harris by trolls who tried to redirect her Wikipedia page, dubbing her, “C**tala Harris”

Minutes after Senator Kamala Harris was named as the running mate for presumptive Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, there was a not-so-polite edit on her Wikipedia page.

The section with her basic biographical details dubbed her, “C**tala Harris”. A brief check on the edits on her Wikipedia page showed that an editor, “Eee302”, had redirected her page to open on the newly created “C**tala Harris” Wikipedia page, which was subsequently deleted and tagged as “offensive name” by Wikipedia’s voluntary editors.

While the slur was spotted and rectified within two minutes, the “Featured Snippets” in the google search results still showed the derogatory ‘edit’ for several minutes and would have been noticeable to anyone googling her name, curious to know about the first Black woman to have secured a major-party U.S. presidential ticket, and slated to be the first woman vice-president if Biden becomes President.



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Suresh Rao

Mellowed out and enlightened septuagenarian. Tech savvy. Social writing is just a pastime to kill time. I keep contributing to several developmental projects in the area of engineering education, IT and Healthcare projects launched by my kith and kin. I am too lazy to write a book, 'cause I think my life itself is a book! I am also at
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1 year ago

I too read that
That she is of Indian origin is nothing to be proud of, as she is siding with Pakistan. She is against CAA and is all for retaining Kashmir’s previous status quo. ” Gosh ! This is too bad !! She has also slammed( according to a news item today) our Mr Jaishankar ( MEA ) for not meeting another lady ( apparently of Tamil origin and a Pro-Pakistan woman ) politician.
I wish she loses terribly !! I heard that she is a Modi hater !! That is the final black spot for me !!!

Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

You know more about American Politics. What are Joe Biden’s chances of making it? I have heard that he has strong anti-Indian stance on Kashmir and he leans more towards Pakistan. This I personally think doesn’t bode well for India.

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