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Intriguing Fibonacci series in nature around us!

Definition (Rule) for the Fibonacci number series is:

That is, an example of Fibonacci number series can be: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 …. and so on.

It follows the rule,  a random number such as 2 in the Fibonocci series is 1+1; a random numb such as 13 in the Fibonocci series is 5+8; then again a random number like 21 in this series is 8+13 etc, etc.

Reverse Fibonacci numbers are: 21 13 8 5 3 2 1 1 0 (that is, any number can be difference of two higher numbers in sequence after it.)

08 = 21-13
05 = 13 -8
03 =   8-5
02 =   5-3
01 =   2-1
0 =     1-1
etc, etc.

Does nature around us (some flowering and fruit bearing plants for example,) follow Fibonacci rule… say with flowering buds, leaves, petals etc in some flowering/fruit bearing plants!?

Look at the following 3 examples (view the pictures):-



Rule here is:
1 bud+1 bud (1+1) produced 2 buds around the periphery of the plant stem;
2 buds + 1 bud before it (2+1) produced 3 buds around the periphery of the plant stem;
3 buds + 2 buds before it (3+2) produced 5 buds around the periphery of the plant stem… (in some plants, by & large, not every where.)



I am told there are examples like this in family trees of some families; one has to check that by going back 4 to 5 generations.
Btw, families can taper down in reverse Fibonacci series too!
For example: 13 (8+5) children of a family could see 8 (5+3) children in at least one member of the dynasty. Again, 5 (3+2) children can be there in one grandchild’s family in this dynasty.
Btw, 3 (2+1); 2(1+1) and 1(1+0) and 0 (0+0) children are quite common in modern families (reverse Fibonacci!)

EXAMPLE-3: Passion Flower… one must count petals here; leafing pattern follows fabonacci rule in a healthy flower!

IN example 3,  spiral formation can be seen to the left as well as right from the central stem!

EXAMPLE-4: The cone flower shown below, follows Fibonacci spiral rule if none of buds have been eaten up by insects during flowering.


VERDICT: Nature around us follows Fibonacci number series!!!!


There is one unidentified (to date!) intellectual who used to post in Sulekha blog. You know who I mean… J.LUKE of course!

Below is J.LUKE favorite song; he says there is Fibonacci series in this following Hindi song!

J LUKE / 3 yrs ago /

ina———————————–(1 note)————————————————————————mina———————————-(1 note)————————————————————————mina dika—————————-(2 notes)————————————————————————dai dama nika————————-(3 notes)———————————————————————–maka naka pika chika rika————————————–(5 notes)———————————————-rum pum posh rum pum posh dil lelo—————————–(8 notes)———————————————-hai koi lene wala aise vaise ko nahee dene wala suratiya hasin oumariya——————–(13 notes)—————–jawan ho koi bhee use dekhe toh bas yeh guman ho yahee hai yahee hai yahee toh hai woh! hai (cymbals)—-(21 notes)————————————————————————————————————————yeh sharte toh badee hai jaruree, jo koi karega inhe puree mai khushee———————-(13 notes)—————-khushee use yeh dil de dunga kasam kha!————————(8 notes)———————————————-raha hu, kee dam bheenaa—————————————-(5 notes)———————————————lunga magaryeh kahunga——————————————(3 notes)———————————————sach pyaree!!! ————————————————(2 notes)———————————————(cymbals)———————————————-(1 note)——————————————————-
(cymbals)——————————————————(1 note)—————————————————————-

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Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

It is indeed intriguing and where the man can’t find a logical reason or come out with some calculation to prove it, he turns to Fibonacci series and surprisingly, it finds that elusive answer. It has been tried in every walk of life, even in the stock market where there are hundreds of hypothesis to predict the trends, Fibonacci is one of the most trusted one to speculate which way the stock market will move.

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