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I belong to a family where WALKING is a passion. A Manthra. A watchword for good health.

My husband wakes up at 4.45 a.m. and leaves for his “WALK” by 5.15 a.m. My son who is in Bangalore ” WALKS ” . He has a passion for the MARATHONS and takes part with all sincerity. I think he does fourteen kilometres. My daughter -in-law goes for a WALK every evening in the Villa compound where they stay, with fervour. ( She finds it funny that I don’t want to walk ,as , whenever I am away visiting temples, I climb a lot of steps or walk up the hills. I have scaled along with my equal half , the nine Narasimha Temples in Ahobilam!!). My daughter-in-law’s mother & aunts & uncles form a troop & go for WALKS early in the morning.

ME? Ha!! Ha!! Ha!!



When I was detected as being CLINICALLY SWEET , the Doctor said ” Go for a walk everyday. The only way to control blood sugar.”
We went to the Bata Showroom the very same day and my husband bought me a pair of expensive shoes. Out of sheer guilt, I went walking with him for two days. No way. The shoes went inside a carry bag , neatly packed , rests in the shoe cupboard.

If you read my reasons for not WALKING, I am sure many of you will agree with me.You may, if you are in the habit, quit walking.

1. Long ago, when we were in Bombay, a lot of officers and the wives could be seen walking every morning. One particular lady was a serious and sincere walker. She must have weighed 75 kilos. Was huge. She walked all the days, all the five years of our stay in Bombay. To my knowledge, she did not lose even a wee bit of weight.
So what’s the big deal?

2. Imagine dressing up early in the morning just for a walk. I hate to dress without an early morning bath. And what is the point in getting sweaty (!!) and messy after your bath ?

3. I find a lot of people chatting away while they walk. In fact, one of my cousins, who is more of a close friend to me, passes on juicy gossips about people we know in common ( I hate gossips) . She says, a co-walker feeds her with a lot of inside-information. Well, I am no saint but I hate Gossip. I don’t care for it !!

4. I am no lazy goose. I WALK a lot inside the house. I am not a couch potato. I watch no serials. I do a lot of work. So why should I WALK?

5. I practice YOGA. That, I feel is more than enough. Keeps me agile mentally and physically.

6. Early mornings are there to enjoy the solitude. The half dark sky . Stars still visible here and there. The break of dawn. The breeze. The smell of Neem flowers. The smell of mehendi flowers. The chirping of birds. The cuckoo from the mango tree close to our sit -out sings . At times, the rain. Silence still reigns before the cacophony of vehicles start. Leave all this and go for a WALK? Am I insane or what!!

7. Finally I believe…

The more you walk, the more hungry you become.

The more hungry you become, the more you fill your tummy with food.

The more , the food gets in, the fatter you become.

All because of WALKING !!!


Ah. Do you think truer words than these have ever been uttered?

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Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

Suresh ji- Convincing her to walk has been a difficult for his close ones as per her own admission. Telling her not to run is going a little too far in your power to motivate her. :))

Suresh Rao
1 year ago

Walking within gated communities wearing mask is the best exercise. Walk, but do not run…Walking is good for all.

Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

Great! Now a days, it is not even safe. They say that the Corona virus stays in the air for quite a while. Who knows the bloke walking a few steps ahead of you may have a bout of cough or might suddenly sneeze and heaven knows, he might be one of hundreds of the asymptomatic blokes jogging around. The best justification against not indulging in any physical activity for improving health was that said, “It’s all waste of time. after all it will, if at all if does add years to my life, add those to my old age, by robbing my youth. I can’t waste my present for an uncertain future and that too whose benefits I won’t be able to enjoy.” :))

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