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Thailand King Rama X Marries Queen Suthida

By Suresh Rao / November 25, 2020

Excerpts from story dating to May-2, 2019 from Jonathan Gatehouse, CBC News  My Sources: Jonathon Gatehouse · CBC News · Posted: May 02, 2019 & Wikipedia.   (pic) Thailand’s King Maha Vajiralongkorn, centre, Queen Suthida, right, and his daughter Princess Bajrakitiyabhaarrive arrive at Royal Plaza to pay homage to the Equestrian Statue of King Chulalongkorn…

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Our 1994 Trip to Thailand

By Suresh Rao / November 24, 2020

During my active working years at AT&T in USA I have made trips to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia to attend tech-seminars, to present a tech-paper, or two, at technology conferences and to attend to customer support. One of the memorable trips that my wife and I made during those years was to Bangkok Thailand in…

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Bengaluru Startup developing Heat Tolerant Covid-19 Vaccine

By Suresh Rao / November 6, 2020

A startup incubated in the Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru, is developing a Covid-19 Vaccine that can be stored at 37 degrees Celsius, a development that could be a game-changer for India which lacks sufficient cold chain facilities. “All (Covid) Vaccine candidates in clinical trials currently require refrigerated temperatures of at least four degrees.…

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ManuSmriti – My Take

By Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan / October 26, 2020

Going by the chaos created by few politicians who are misinterpreting Manusmriti, i am submitting this piece.  Evaluation: Manu Smriti was written a very long time ago when other civilizations lacked even basic civility, rights, etc. Compared to other prevailing social thought at its time, the work is progressive in many ways On has to…

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Apple a day was not good for his health!

By Suresh Rao / October 20, 2020

(pic-1) Steve Jobs (picture is a download from the net)  (pic-2) Steve’s biological father, Abdul fattah ‘John’ Jandali, a Syrian born Arab. Picture is a download from the net. From what I read also on the net ‘Jandali’ came to know that he had a biological son only years later! ================================================ Eve gave the first…

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This Child was Father of the Man!

By Suresh Rao / October 20, 2020

I have read about the letters that she wrote to her father in jail. She cried when police visited her family home often to ask the harassed sick mother & daughter about non-payment of fines due from her disobedient father who was in jail! When she expressed displeasure saying, “I am only a child how…

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Navratri Begins

By Suresh Rao / October 17, 2020

(pic) Download from Bangalore Press Calendar for 2020 First Day – Shailputri The first day is dedicated to the Goddess ‘Shailputri’, the daughter of the Himalayas. She is a form of Shakti, the companion of Lord Shiva. Shailaputri literally means the daughter (putri) of the mountains (shaila). Variously known as Sati Bhavani, Parvati or Hemavati,…

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America vs Rest!

By Suresh Rao / October 16, 2020

EXCERTPS  of an article by Patrick J. Kiger on CLIMATE AND WEATHER If you’re an American and you’ve ever had a conversation with someone from another country about the weather, you’ve probably been a little confused when he or she says that the afternoon temperature is a nice 21 degrees. To you, that might sound…

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Ancient Origins … Interesting Revelations

By Suresh Rao / October 14, 2020

Read about interesting facts recently brought out on ancient origins at link posted.  

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By Rajinder Singh / October 2, 2020

BRAIN IRRIGATION ! WHAT IS UTTAR KURU REGION ? A question comes to my mind : SHOULD INDIA CLAIM XINJIANG PROVINCE of China ? “Why”, You would ask me? I will ask you back “ How does China claim Tibet , Ladakh and Arunachal Pradesh ?” Some of you well read Historians would tell me…

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