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Rajeev Chandrasekhar sees $one trillion economy boost in India by 2025 from Electronics and IT development

By Suresh Rao / April 27, 2022

   (pic) Rajeev Chandrasekhar, Union Minister of State, Electronics, IT, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Rajeev Chandrasekhar (MOS GOI) is seeing green shoots in Emerging Digital Technologies in India to generate $1 trillion in economic value for India by 2025. He foresees fulfilment of the $5 trillion economy ambition of PM of India; Rajeev foresees his…

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Central Asians become accidental victims of Russia-Ukraine war

By Suresh Rao / March 9, 2022

  ( Image copyright Firstpost) The stringent financial sanctions on Russia by US, UK, Australia, and European countries have resulted in a catastrophic crash of the Russian currency-Ruble. Ruble has crashed 40% down (against US dollar.)  As a result of the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, lives of millions of Central Asians have been affected. Citizens of…

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E Pluribus Unum (Out of many One)

By Suresh Rao / March 6, 2022

For some in Asia, Middle-east and the Socialist-world, the financial district of Lower Manhattan NYC, brings visions of a cold blooded greedy place where people of  white European ancestry mint money on ‘Wall Street’ only to ruin rest of the world!   What is Lower Manhattan really like? What does it look like today as America remembers 9/11 attack…

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Is US Hegemony getting hit after Ukraine attack by Russia?

By Suresh Rao / March 5, 2022

During the so called ‘REAGAN ERA’ (1981 through 1989) liberalization of US foreign policy with breaking of barriers between East and West… that included smashing of famous ‘Berlin-wall’, with words- “Mr Gorbachev tear down this wall” was the best thing that could happen for economies of many countries in East as well as the West. Come to…

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My Johnson Space Center Visit (1980)

By Suresh Rao / March 3, 2022

I was a rookie high-tech-engineer at a Cleveland Ohio company from 1979 to 1980. Our company worked on several projects in collaboration with International Companies in those days. I used to boast a USAF cleared classified badge to work on US Government and NASA projects then. I got the opportunity to take a delegation from…

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Why Russia Wants UKRAINE

By Suresh Rao / March 2, 2022

RUSSIA WANTS TO CONTROL NATURAL RESOURCES OF UKRAINE TO SPEED UP RUSSIAN ECONOMY (pic) Kyiv and Ukraine (yellow color) Map shows other EU countries that surround Ukraine. To South East of Ukraine is Black sea (shown here in blue color.)  Russia is at North East of Ukraine. Image is courtesy, Russia does not want…

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Kelash Kumar born in Sindh Province promoted to Lt Colonel in Pakistan Army

By Suresh Rao / February 26, 2022

EXCERPTS FROM WION © Provided by WION – In a first, an army officer from Pakistan’s minority Hindu community, Kelash Kumar, has become the first man to be promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel. – This is not the first time Kumar has made history, in 2019, he became the first-ever Hindu to be…

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Celebrated Author VIKRAM SAMPATH, Historian, author of Uncontested Legacy of Veer Savarkar

By Suresh Rao / February 19, 2022

NEWS FLASH: “The Delhi High Court on Friday restrained historian Dr. Audrey Truschke and other persons from publishing any defamatory material against historian Dr VIKRAM SAMPATH (presently, Columnist in India.)” VIKRAM SAMPATH is a celebrated author of 3 publications now; he was brought up, schooled in Bengaluru (view BIOGRAPHY*); He is an Electronics Engineering graduate,…

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Bravo India Under 19 (U-19) World Cup Final

By Suresh Rao / February 6, 2022

EXCERPTS from the post of  Sreshth Shah in    India 195 for 6 (Sindhu 50*, Rasheed 50, Boyden 2-24) beat England 189 all out (Rew 95, Bawa 5-31, Ravi 3-34) by four wickets It was India’s seamers, not spinners, who plotted England’s downfall in the Under-19 World Cup final as Raj Bawa and Ravi Kumar produced match-winning bowling performances to share nine…

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Self Disinfecting Anti Viral Face Mask Developed by India Research and Development

By Suresh Rao / February 5, 2022

New Delhi: (pic) CSIR-CCMB mask view (a copy/paste from an internet website) A team of Indian scientists in collaboration with an industry partner have developed a self-disinfecting ‘Copper-based Nanoparticle-coated Antiviral Face Mask’ to fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. The mask exhibits high performance against the COVID 19 virus as well as several other viral and…

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