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Hinduism is a Way of Life


Very Interesting facts!

Christianity ….One Christ, One Bible Religion…

But the Latin Catholic will not enter Syrian Catholic Church.

These two will not enter Marthoma Church .

These three will not enter Pentecost Church .

These four will not enter Salvation Army Church.

These five will no enter Seventh Day Adventist Church .

These six will not enter Orthodox Church.

These seven will not enter Jacobite church.

This way there are 146 castes alone for Christianity.

Each will never share their churches with fellow Christians!

One Christ, One Bible, One Jehova???

Now Muslims..! One Allah, One Quran, One Nabi….! Great unity?

Among Muslims, Shia and Sunni hate and kill each other in all Muslim countries.

The religious riots in most Muslim countries is always between these two sects.

The Shia will not go to Sunni Mosque.

These two will not go to Ahamadiya Mosque.

These three will not go to Sufi Mosque.

These four will not go to Mujahiddin mosque.

This way there are 13 castes in Muslims.

Killing/bombing/conquering/ massacaring/… each other!

American attack on Iraq was fully supported by all Muslim countries surrounding Iraq !

One Allah, One Quran, One Nabi….????

Hindus –

They have 1,280 Religious Books, 10,000 Commentaries, more than one lakh sub-commentaries for these foundation books, innumerable presentations of one God, variety of Aacharyas, thousands of Rishies, hundreds of languages.

Still they all go to All TEMPLES and they are peaceful and tolerant and seek unity with others by inviting them to worship with them whatever God they wish to pray for!

Hindus never fought one another for the last ten thousand years in the name of religion.

This only confirms Hinduism is not a religion. It is a way of life.

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Subramanian Thalayur Ratnam

Small scale Enterpruner and a Coimbatorian. Loves to meet friends. Passion for writing and reading.
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1 year ago

This blog should be read out to the “CROWD” that is so vocal for “SICKULARISM” in our country !!!

Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

Hindus don’t even mind going to the Church and the Mosques for bowing before the God. When we were in China, we would often visit Buddhist temples and monasteries where my wife would pray with as much of reverence, as she would do in any Hindu shrine. Geeta was written much before any of these religions were born and Lord Krishna say in that, that all paths lead to Him.

Being robbed of their wisdom by innumerable desires [and] being controlled by their own nature, per- sons take refuge in other deities by following one or the other religious regulations. (Bhagavad Gita 7.20)

But that fruit of those men of poor intellect is finite. Those, who perform sacrifices, aiming at the gods, go to gods and My devotees go to Me. (Bhagavad Gita 7.23)

All the worlds from the realm of Brahma down are subject to return, O Arjuna but after attaining Me, O Son of Kunti, there is no rebirth. (Bhagavad Gita 8.16)

Suresh Rao
Suresh Rao
1 year ago

And they all claim Christianity is the only religion!

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