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Going To The Dogs

Ever since the death of Sushant Singh Rajput the Social media is on fire. Although the issues being discussed on Indian Social media are always supposedly the burning issues, which means bashing Hindutava, communal violence and criticizing government, but once in a while like now, if there’s an issue involving Bollywood celebrities, then discussing it becomes the prime occupation of the country. There are people who seem to be always on FB and their information about what is being beamed on which TV channel is up to date. There are panjandrums ready to give their wise counsel on any subject under the sun and then there are cynics, who seem to think that the whole world order is wrong. Once you get in to the debate with them, you literally have to extricate yourself out of it, but even after you come out, the slime remains sticking to your thoughts for a long time. It is not about winning or losing, it’s about the quality of discussion that makes one think about the futility of getting in to it at all.

Most vociferous are the people who assume the status of being spokespersons of the political parties. Those who are anti-BJP will find every reason to criticize every action of the government as if it is an essential requirement for proving their allegiance to the other factions. But most dangerous people out there are the haters of the government, any form of government and any government that is in office, especially those, who didn’t want, don’t like the present BJP government. They see Hindutava agenda or RSS threat in everything the government does or doesn’t do. They see the connection, the complex circuitry of it wired right to the main switch. They see that the nation is in constant danger of collapsing on economic front. They see that the nation hasn’t made any progress ever since BJP came to power. They think that the PM who couldn’t take even his own decisions, couldn’t speak one word of his own choice, in his feeble wavering voice, was the best one that India could have. They even try to justify that a ‘dim’ wit cannot be a criteria for side lining an aspirant in the changed times where sensitivities of the people with deformities or deficiencies are given due care, while being spoken or written about.

They fear that with BJP remaining in power, all what was achieved in the past seventy years will get undone, because progress wasn’t the intent of BJP. “Casteism has increased, communal hatred has increased, gang rapes have become order of the day, goons are prowling the streets, the economy has gone southwards. What worse can are you waiting for?”, they argue.  They believe that people from middle class background who have gone to Hindi medium schools or worse had their preliminary education in vernacular medium aren’t fit to hold the reins of the nation, because they have a narrow vision and they got radicalized, attending Shakhas of RSS or other fanatical outfits while growing up, and all that they are interested in is saffronization of the nation and of dividing it on caste and religious lines. Therefore, they feel responsible for doing something to stop that and because they can’t get on the streets, leaving their air-conditioned homes or offices to protest, they try to do their best on the social media, sitting in front of their computers.

So, whether it is CAA-NRC, the Covid-19, the Agriculture sector reforms or the issue of SSR’s death, their objective is to criticize this government.

“It is not by chance”, that Sushant Singh Rajput was from Bihar and he died a month before the elections”, they say- “There’s a deep-rooted conspiracy.”

“Gupteshwar Pandey has taken voluntary retirement”, they will say emphatically, as if their stand has been vindicated. For the benefit of those, who do not read all news, let me add that Gupteshwar Pandey is the DGP of Bihar who was instrumental in getting the case of the death of SSR registered as a possible murder. Much against the wishes of the Maharashtra government he sent his teams to Mumbai to investigate. You better don’t ask them, “How the investigation in to the death of an actor is going to help the ruling party at the centre,?, they will singe you with their spitfire rejoinders.

“Are you so dumb?”

“The election is Bihar are due.” They will add, to further their argument and befuddle you.

“Can’t you see that his girl-friend who has been jailed on made up charges of drugging him is a Bengali? and Mamta Banerjee, the Chief Minister of Bengal is the target of BJP. BJP wants to break her hold on Bengal.” It is that simple man.

“You got to be an idiot if you still can’t see the connection?”

And you start wondering that you might be dumb indeed, when they fire another salvo.

“Didn’t you notice the alacrity with which the Central government handed over the investigation of Gold Smuggling incident to NIA? and it’s not just that the government in Kerala is Marxist, but even the people allegedly involved in the Gold smuggling racket are Muslims.”

“This is not an isolated case man.”

“NIA already claims to have caught the main culprit of the riots at Bangluru and he is, as you may expect a Muslim.”

Hear this lastest news:-

“A special court delivered the much-awaited judgement today in the 1992 Babri Masjid demolition case. In its verdict, the judge said the demolition wasn’t pre-planned. Citing that there is no conclusive proof, all 32 were acquitted by the court.”

“Are you still wondering about the secret agenda of this government? Then hear this.”

“The Delhi Police released a controversial charge sheet earlier this month that had named senior Congress leader and former Union Minister Salman Khurshid, CPM leader, Brinda Karat, Udit Raj, student activist Kawalpreet Kaur, scientist Gauhar Raza and advocate Prashant Bhushan, among many other politicians and activists who gave “provocative” speeches during the protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which eventually led to the violent protests in February.”

Delhi Police’s charge sheet in the northeast Delhi violence is a “cheatsheet”, says CPI(M) politburo Brinda Karat, who was among the prominent leaders named in the list.

“If you pick up all the garbage there is, you will end up with over 17,000 sheets of a chargesheet. A chargesheet is supposed to be distilled, authentic, effective and useful evidence of a cognizable offence. If someone says that 12 people came and made provocative speeches, it can’t be that 12 people made the same kind of provocative speech and each one had the same level of provocation. Provocation and mobilisation is not a criminal offence in this country,” Khurshid said while speaking to The Indian Express.”

“Umar Khalid has been jailed man and you are sleeping?”

“Wake up and see what is happening in this country.”

So, you wake up and think that the drink that you were having, might have done the trick. It might be adulterated with “Lahan” ( mother liquor used for making spurious liquor) and you worry that you cannot trust the authenticity of any thing you buy and you start doubting “chitta” (‘Chitta’ (diacetylmorphine) is a semi-synthetic opioid, mainly derived from heroin.), your friend supplied to you last week.

And you find yourself totally confused with their argument like I am, but the point that I have been trying to make is that how difficult it can be for one to have a clear line of thought in all the fog around, most of which might be an illusion, a smoke screen of Charas, Hash or Ganja or whatever hemp or weeds they smoke.

My wife, whom I would refer to as Smart Sulekhika in the articles I used to post in Sulekha,  pitches in and she has a point, a strong one at that. She says “While, half the nation is having Bhang in one form or the other, this attempt of the government to unleash NCB on the Bollywood stars smacks of mala fide intent. I said, if you mean that because the Sadhus, Kanwarias and perhaps tribes living at foothills of Himalays have Bhang in some form or the other, these Bollywood celebrities should be let off, then the government indeed is on a sticky wicket because in those plains along the holy river Ganges are many Akaharas where, live Naga Sadhus who do not wear any clothes, so should the government allow anyone who wishes to roam around in his/her birthday suits, let him/her do that? Let’s not go any further I said, there are Anghoris, who are I have heard eat human meat, so should cannibalism made legal, though illegally it has always been in practice?  Do we have a place for such arguments? But if you tune to any TV channel, the debate on this topic is going on and the arguments being furthered are not only silly but downright outrageous.

Mr. Sanjay Raut, the spokesperson of Shiv Sena says, that NCB was formed for controlling drug flow in to India from across the borders. Have they done it?

Yesterday, I heard a woman say that the whole investigation is a sham as it reeks of political vendetta.

She said, “you know, why Kangana is not being investigated for drug abuse when she herself has admitted that she was in to drugs?”  “It is because she is a mouth piece of BJP”, she said.

“Half of the nation is not even happy that the reputation of their icons is being tarnished because of what they think is a slander.”

They even say, “So what if they take drugs? The substances that they take are necessary for maintaining the level of energy they need for keeping themselves fit and on top.”

They say that these things are legal in many countries, but either they don’t know or they don’t like to say that in some countries the punishment for dealing in drugs is death.

And I say, “Oh God, save this nation from going to the dogs.”

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Navneet Bakshi

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Suresh Rao
1 year ago

Looks like the channels have forgotten Sushant’s unnatural death and concentrating on drugs in Bollywood!

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