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Can We Dare To Dream?

Swati Aiyer
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The times we live in, the history of our country in the last 70 years make me wonder:

Can we hope that:

1.  Either the word 'secular' be removed from the constitution or that 'secularism' will be practised in the truest sense of the word

2.  The question concerning religion, caste, community on all application forms will be removed

3.  The govt will stay off all religious matters and introduce one law for one nation

4.  No subsidizing any religious practises or pilgrimages

5.  Every individual free to practise their own religion within the four walls of their homes or within their own social groups but no public pandals blocking traffic with loud-speakers blaring, creating a public nuisance.  Important to remember that my rights end where others noses begin

6.  No place of religious worship allowed to destroy the peace of the neighbourhood in any manner

7.  No reservations on basis of caste or creed.  Reservations to be strictly based on economic need (to be proved) and (after an initial 'handicap' for thus far unprivileged or backward individuals - e.g. education until Std. VII) individual merit

8.  Debates on television before elections where each party representative should present their manifesto clearly, so we know whom to vote for

9.  Hold national and state elections simultaneously in order to avoid waste of time, wasteful expenditure, allow governments to work unhindered by frequent election campaigns and mainly so they can implement their promises without being accused of doing so just before elections for electoral gains

10.  Ideally (though even I don't dare dream of it) a government made up of ministers who are professionals/experts in their own field to be changed every 3-4 years.  Election of ministers and PM to be done online - minimal expenditure

Into that utopian society may my country awake (even if my thoughts sound too naive).


Do you think this is practicable?  Would love to know your views.  




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Navneet Bakshi
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You will be surprised to know if you don't that most of what you have said is practiced in China. I have lived for ten years there and seen it all. There are many blogs of my observations in China at and there are many more that I have still to post,which will now get posted here, some day.

Suresh Rao
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If there is regimentation and Central control in education right from grade-1, perhaps this can be done. All India needs to do is convert all government schools, madrasas, missionary and religious schools of all faiths from grade-1, into military schools and take over their administration. In a dozen years all high school grads will learn what are individual rights, civil rights, citizenship rights and what it means to be secular and equal in all respects in a sovereign nation.