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Exciting News From Gv Rama Rao

No photo description available.

Synopsis of story: 

Three children, banished by the Night Fairy to a deserted island for frequent fighting with their siblings, must find their way back home using their wits.


Folks, our esteemed writer who used to post blogs in Sulekha-blogs some years back has conveyed the following message to all his friends:

“I am delighted to inform all my friends, fans, and, admirers, the IPRs of my book Captain Riddle’s treasure have been bought by a USA company for producing comic books or TV series or a movie.”



G V Rama Rao is a celebrated author; many of his novels and short stories are available from 

Before migrating to the US, he lived for many years in his favourite city of Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh (AP) 

He had a distinguished career in the Indian Navy. He retired as COMMANDER in INDIAN NAVY 

He now lives with his daughter, son-in-law and grand children at Orlando Florida, U.S.A


No photo description available.

(pic) Gv Rama Rao photo from his album in facebook.

Gv RAMA RAO can be contacted@

phone: +1 407-876-2830

POST SCRIPT (and content update)

‘Gv’ has thanked me for covering Vishakapatnam in Andhra Pradesh, in one of my travel blogs. ‘Gv’ lived for a number of years (some during his teens to college years & some during his career in the Indian Navy….) at Vishakapatnam (Vizag for short.)

At Kailasagiri park overlooking the scenic Vizag-beach, there is a Shiva-Parvati sculpture located centrally inside the well maintained Kailasagiri park amidst shady trees. There is also a children playground there. 

For more information, visit my blog@  Kailasagiri-park-and-vizag-beach 

Photo posted below is also from Kailasagiri Park (it is a copy/paste job from website. )


We visited the park and the Shiva-Parvati sculpture there during a recent trip to Vishakapatnam (AP).

We walked up and down RK-beach road and also stepped on the sands by RK-beach.

High and mighty waves hitting rocks there was a sight too see.

We also visited Indian Navy history & crafts museum located inside an abandoned submarine- INS KURSURA, permanently parked by the RK-beach. We also visited the TU Naval Airplanes (Russian) Air museum. We went uphill by the train (ropeway available too…) to visit the Kailasagiri-park and enjoyed the scenic hill top park there with lots of shade and a playfield for Children.

It takes at least 6-8 hours (morning through mid-afternoon) to relax on the sands at the RK-beach, visit INS KURSURA and TU Naval Airplane museums located on the RK-beach road. Walks along the beach road and visit to attractions there made our day at Vizag. There is tariff (ticket fee not pricey, children will enjoy;) to visit the two museums located on the beach road.

In the evening we made it to ‘Rajahmundri’ by the banks of the mighty river Godavari by night fall to witness the enchanting ‘Aarti’ performed in reverence to the mighty river Godavari.

Professionals perform the ‘Aarti’ at the Pushkar Ghats there every evening (by sunset time.) See Reference for more info.

All these visits were possible in just one day because we had our own tourist-bus to go around all these tourist spots!


More on our visit to Vizag@ 


See the source image

Pushkar Ghat in Rajahmundri is where ‘Aarti’ to river Godavari happens by sunset time (every week-end, if not every evening,) attracts large number of tourists who can sit on the stone steps created by the river banks there.

One can step into the river here and take dips too (except during 2 to 2-1/2 hours in the evening, when Aarti is being performed to the river.) Hindus revere ‘Pushkar Ghat’ at Rajahmumdri as a holy spot.

A visitor from Kinshasa (from Democratic Republic of Congo,) who witnessed the Godavari Aarti on an Evening has posted the following comment in a facebook page:

Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo

Godavari Aarti In The Evening

Review of Pushkar Ghat

Reviewed 16 January 2017 via mobile

I am from this place and spent all my childhood here. After several decades I got a chance to live here again and visit the Aarti to great river Godavari. It is done every evening. Aarti festivity is accompanied by a comentary (in the background) explaining the river’s history and importance of the Aarti; worth visiting this place.

Date of experience: January 2017



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Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
3 months ago

I have interacted with him and at Sulekha platform too. I have heard from you about his confinement to a wheelchair and his agony over not being able to visit his beloved town. He has shared some of his stories here too. He is an excellent writer. I told him that I will download and read his book but haven’t done that yet.

Navneet Bakshi
Navneet Bakshi
4 months ago

That indeed is a piece of great news. He is a great writer. This recognition was long overdue.

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