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Come to me my fair lady

Come to me my fair lady

Come to me in my dreams, my darling,

Melting all snow of sorrow from me

When I am sad and feel you are far away

In the half darkness as I lie awake

Your loving fingers seek for mine

And lips imprints their ownership

The body yearns for warmth, my darling

You belong to me for ever

Come to me in my dreams, my fair lady

With your twinkling eyes

And whisper to me your silent thoughts

As my heart skips a beat or two

Come to me like the morning dew

Cool and sparkling like Wine

Like the blooming flowers in spring

With their colors feasting to eye

Come to me in my dreams, my honey

Like a  diamond sparkling in coal mine

Before the first rays of sun reach me

Like the shinning star winking in the sky


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Navneet Bakshi
2 months ago

Beautiful. Very good gelling of thoughts with the elements of nature and the selection of soft, beautiful words makes it a lovely read

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