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Bangaloreans quietly celebrated CHRISTMAS and VAIKUNTA EAKADASHI, happening on same day, in this calendar year.

According to Catholics, Jesus was born on planet earth on Christmas day. According to Sanatana-Hindus, God Vishnu came down to earth on Vaikunta Eakadashi day to receive the offerings of earthlings.

This year, by some divine intervention, these two isolated events fell on the same day, 25th December.

Communists, Socialists, Farmers, decided to massively oppose PM Modi’s imposition of the 3 Farm Laws considered ‘Unholy’ & labeled ‘Dark Law’ / ‘Kaala Kanoon’ by Surjewala, a rich Cong(I) leader.  Such people see threats to their earning potential and also threat to Punjab ‘tax-earnings’ at APMC-MANDI  if online trading with other state traders and buyers take shape…  supported by the 3 Farm Laws already enacted. DIGITAL INDIA  is already in place, people are doing digital banking and e-commerce (through Amazon for eg,)  already; what if they start buying tons and tons of wheat and rice over the web… “what will happen to us?” wonder these rich farmers and traders at the helm of affairs (buying and selling) at the APMC-MANDIs.

Likes of ‘Surjewalas’  are not tech savvy to know that online trading can happen over the internet (tons and tons of wheat and rice can be traded over the internet) even if they block all entry points to Delhi! Their iron grip at the APMCs (MANDIs) would be threatened if trading happens online between producers and consumers of Punjab produce.

Such  ‘MANDI manipulators” were too scared by the virus to lead the marchers braving brutal cold spells at the borders; they encouraged dumbo RaGa to lead protesters all the way to Rashtrapati Bhavan. RaGa has wrong speech writers. His new slogan is “there is no democracy in India” since he, the DYNAST, and the other DYNAST kins of late Indira (the one who flouted all democratic norms by imposing emergency in country for over 2-years) do not rule the country now.  Only when Indira ruled clamping an EMERGENCY on the country suspending Parliament and putting in jail all opposition, it was Democracy in action for the Congress party!

More recently, after the dissidents called for a Congress Foundation Day celebration with Tiranga hoisting at party HQ,  he and his mother decided to skip the event… RaGa is reported to have booked his ticket to Italy to see his grand ma reportedly ‘not doing well‘ (hmm… someone has to go abroad and see if the tucked away fortunes are safe!)

RaGa thinks democracy means ruling the country from street-corners and organizing massive protests to Modi’s rule. He wants to shout from roof-tops finger pointing at the ‘chor‘ (in his mind) who might succeed in doubling the income of true farmers (tillers of soil) by end of 2022, assuming the 3 Farm Laws take firm root in India in next two years. This scares him and his cronies; “what if Modi really succeeds in removing ‘rank-poverty’ of tillers of the soil by end of 2022?”… RaGa asks himself! “What will happen to his ambition to become PM of India, after the next National elections in 2024!” he grunts!

According to RaGa ‘Garibi Hatavo (Remove Poverty)’ for the rank and file should remain a slogan so the DYNASTS can rule the roost saying it again and again like Indira Gandhi did; “this chor (you know who he refers to in his speeches by this word…) is attempting ‘Garibi Hatavo (Remove Poverty)’ by end of 2022 for the farmers who till the soil… what a nerve…” he asks himself!

None of the protesting Farmers & Middlemen bothered to wear masks nor did they maintain social distancing mandated by the government as they completely blocked all roads to Delhi at interstate borders on December 25.  

May be this has something to do with planets: Jupiter and Saturn occupying the same zodiac space beginning from week of December 20th. Astrologers in India are predicting sinister happenings due to this conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in same zodiac space. By the way… this Jupiter and Saturn conjunction that began earlier in the week is expected to continue for next 20 years, beware!

          Children pray at St Mary's Basilica, Shivajinagar, Bengaluru, on Christmas Day. DH PHOTO/IRSHAD MAHAMMAD

picture curtesy, DH photo

At St Mary’s Basilica, Shivajinagar Bengaluru, Catholics observed Corona COVID time regulations religiously. They entered the church one by one, wearing masks and observed social distancing inside the church as they prayed to Jesus and Mary. Christmas mass was also observed quietly to mark the holy day.

 Devote Sanatana-Hindus on the other hand were content with the ‘darshan (viewing)’ of lord Vishnu on the holy day of ‘Vaikunta Eakadashi’ in somewhat similar way; they entered Kote Venkataramana temple at Bengaluru Fort-area through restricted side-entry doors, one by one, wearing masks and keeping social distancing. Puja & Aarti rituals were offered by the priests to lord Vishnu inside the temple sanctum sanctorum, periodically, on this day.

Due to lady Corona scare, group puja offerings were not allowed inside the temple since that means allowing large crowds in temple quadrangle where there is not much space to maintain social distancing regulations ordered by the local government.


picture courtesy, DH photo

A few Sanatana-Hindu devotees, scared of the Corona virus and its mutants determined to invade from London, decided not to crowd the small space inside the temple; they prayed standing outside the temple’s main-doors that has been barricaded for mass entry during these COVID times.

Hope lady Corona, that continues to remain stubborn on planet earth, is pleased by all this devotion of the Punjab Farmers protesting continually for the last 30 days in Delhi!

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Suresh Rao

Mellowed out and enlightened septuagenarian. Tech savvy. Social writing is just a pastime to kill time. I keep contributing to several developmental projects in the area of engineering education, IT and Healthcare projects launched by my kith and kin. I am too lazy to write a book, 'cause I think my life itself is a book! I am also at
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Navneet Bakshi
6 months ago

Rules have to be observed by the true devotees but not by the protesters because protester following rules will be an anomaly. The Pro-left newspaper that I read for news update says that “Thousands” of farmers are marching from Rajasthan now. Of course they will and many more will join them form other states too because there’s a free party going on there- funded by the big middlemen, some of which you mentioned above, but all in all I feel sad for the nation and for the farmers who are being misled. How long will it continue? SC says that protesting is their fundamental right but- sitting on the National Highways?? And I hear the news that by 2025 India will be a 5 Trillion economy. Will some people really let that happen?

Navneet Bakshi
6 months ago
Reply to  Suresh Rao

I do not know if changing the name will bypass the clauses which protect the existing laws from any modification but when the government has said that it is ready to discuss and amend to satisfy the disgruntled parties but when their main objective about insisting on getting the laws repealed to show that they can get the government on its knees how is there going to be any compromise? Yes, if the SC accepted their right to protest it also spoke about the infringement of the rights of others but for it going on vacation was more important than this pressing issue. I think after this gets sorted out the government should bring a law against blocking Highways and Rail Tracks and stringent laws against loss to public property and vandalism. I bet there are thousands there in the gathering solely for free food, liquor and entertainment. Same was happening at CAA protest sites. There should be thorough investigation in to the source of their funds. I am sure like it was found the PFI was funding CAA protests, the Khalistanis will be found sending foreign aids for keeping the pot boiling. Besides this in any case there is a strong lobby of middlemen and big farmers who control the whole trade through APMCs who are keeping the funds flowing in for the protest.

6 months ago

That was an enjoyable read Suresh.
As for the Corona…I think Vaikundam may n ot accommodate many who go with Covid..Yama DharmaRaja might :))
Raga has nothing better to do and so long as there are blind fanatic chamchas like Surjiwala and Adhiranjan for the Dynastic Family…things will continue this way.
When will the 23 dissent group come out, break the party into two and from A new Congress…a strong one that opposes the ones needing opposition and supporting the good done my Modi ? One wonders !! Spineless 23 !! See that Sachin Pilot ? Went back to the fold without a murmur. When will they be like Jyothiraditya..the Young Lion ? One wonders !!
I suppose we can keep wondering . Shame on these people to rally behind a useless individual like Pappu…(and of course his mother and sister and much tainted brother in law!!).

Navneet Bakshi
6 months ago
Reply to  Ushasurya

I didn’t know that you are a keen observer of the political happenings in the country too. I am impressed. You have very said about what is ailing the congress party and what should be done to salvage it, but Mama doesn’t want it and she is not ready to listen even.

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