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The most important change that the government has to undertake is a remedy to its blunder that allows the government to be a judge of its own policies and as the final arbiter of disputes between parties. This attempt to shelve the concept of separation of powers, which is a fundamental aspect of our Constitution, must be withdrawn. Credit: PTI

Friends; as you are all aware the farmers agitation, particularly from farmers in Punjab, UP, Haryana and Delhi at New Delhi, has reached its 30th day with no indication of settlement.

The agitating FARMERS want that the so called ‘FARM LAWS (the 3 laws recently passed in Parliament)’ be withdrawn in ‘Total’.

  • Today’s street agitation at New Delhi has drawn the largest protesters in history of street protests in last 30 years in India! 
  • No amount of reasoning with the protesters (estimated to be 70 percent traders, 30 percent farmers) to make them understand that the laws passed benefit them and the government has an honest agenda to ‘double their income’ by end of year 2022, has borne fruit.
  • All opposition parties are backing  this Farm protests as it gives them a chance to confront the ruling party (BJP and Modi in particular.) They hate Modi’s successes (many) in last 6-years. They are scared that the ongoing successes of Modi will win him a third term in 2024 since he has more or less fullfilled most promises from Demonetizing to Tripple talaq to A370 abrogation in Kashmir to building Ram Mandir in Aayodhya. He is also succeeding in bringing democracy at the grass roots level with recent municipal elections in the UT of J&K, even as he builds up the Indian military and Airforce to maintain the much needed military deterrence to keep China at bay. Once the pandemic is controlled in India, he might even steadily grow the economy from where it is stagnating now into a 5 trillion dollar economy in his present term itself!
  • Most India watchers have given Modi the thumbs up for all the progress so far under this BJP government in last 6 years; optimism that the economy is going to bounce back once the Corona virus is brought under control is growing fast.
  • Coming to the 3 FARM LAWS…, bringing a better deal for the hard working farmer (tiller of soil) will be another feather in Modi’s cap if the growing Farmers Protest is halted.   

Here is my suggestion:

  1. At next Parliament session withdraw these 3 Farm laws as worded now; street agitators and opposition parties will pat their backs saying they have broken Modi’s back!
  2. Re-introduce them by labeling them ‘AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY TRADING LAWS’

How does that help?

Constitution of India does not restrict selling or marketing of any COMMODITY (agricultural commodity included,) to producing zone only.

All commodities can be traded/marketed in any part of India (State or Union Territory) by moving them from production zone to consumption zone.

For example, KERALA is a agricultural produce consuming zone, not a producing zone. KERALA has no APMC (MANDI). KERALA largely buys agricultural produce like Wheat, Rice, Lintels etc from neighboring States of Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, and even from as far as PUNJAB, HARYANA and UP.

THE WORD AGRICULTURE is restricted to production (by tilling, sowing, harvesting) of crops in the Farms, Once such ‘produce’ is separated (by harvesting) from their sapling (agri-plant) such produce becomes a ‘Commodity’.

In short,

  • if the 3 FARM LAWS, red herring now for the Union government,  are re-labeled ‘AGRICULTURAL COMMODITY TRADING LAWS’ the middle men involved in buying/selling and in general profiting from them through the APMC (MANDI) in the State of Punjab (to start with,) can be silenced.
  • the real poor farmer (tiller of soil in Punjab) can then have a choice to sell the produce directly, a) either at the local APMC (local MANDI) or, b) to any buyer in any State outside the producing State using online trading practices and benefit from it.
  • Middle men (70% of protesters today) can be largely silenced as such a move will be fully protected by the Constitution of India.



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Suresh Rao

Mellowed out and enlightened septuagenarian. Tech savvy. Social writing is just a pastime to kill time. I keep contributing to several developmental projects in the area of engineering education, IT and Healthcare projects launched by my kith and kin. I am too lazy to write a book, 'cause I think my life itself is a book! I am also at
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RAMARAO Garimella
9 months ago

The protestors are hell-bent in creating mayhem on the roads of Delhi. This is because the opposition parties want to gain some space in the politics. Congress in particular wants to show it is still relevant. RaGa creates noise on every subject under the sun merely to hog the limelight. He has not given up his ambition to become the PM of the country. Second, such protests on the scale can only be sustained by funds provided by a few interested parties. There are enough parties and countries inimical to India and want to discredit Modi and his government.
Although your idea is excellent the pigheaded farmers are likely to dismiss it as old wine in a new bottle. The protestors are defying the SC. Where do they get the courage if not from some political parties and foreign agencies. The SC by not realising the factors that are not visible has shown it too can be naive at times. I don’t imagine these farmers will stop unless and until the farmers in favour of the laws stage a massive counterprotest.

Navneet Bakshi
9 months ago

Counter-protests will lead to chaos as they will be seen as government-sponsored. One thing is clear that the funds are flowing in freely to keep the pot boiling from India as well as abroad, otherwise, the likes of Yogendra Yadav have no support base to carry on this far, but now since the situation has gone out of hand, the government would need to take the laws back and start over again to give them a feel of a sort of moral victory which they are after. In a new move, to get them the feel of what they are going to miss out on the government as it brings the laws in whatever avatar back should keep Punjab out of it till they come begging for implementing it. Right or wrong is not the issue at this stage but what is despicable is their obstinacy. How can they stand for all the farmers. The emotional angle of them being anndatas that is being whipped up on the internet should be exposed. It is their profession that is what it is and it comes at a great cost to the government because it has to dole out subsidies and loan waiver carrots year after year. Who is paying for it? Who is going to pay for the blockage and loss to other businesses that have occurred in these fifty days of stand off? Do they care? They don’t pay any taxes so it matters little to them and their sponsors. Will the marginal and small farmers who are not producing even enough to feed their own families take up other jobs if the government tells them to take because farming for them is more of a liability to the nation than an asset? Years before this Mamata Banerji tried this stunt for coming to power. What happened as a result? Tata shifted the plant out of Bengal but did the farmers get their land back? Does anyone care if they are living or dead? No that same lies of selling the nation to Adani-Ambani is being spread by the fools like RaGa and Yogendra Yadav, Sitaram Yechury some leaders who have no vote base or relevance of continuing in the politics but see, how they can raise the stink.

Navneet Bakshi
9 months ago
Reply to  Suresh Rao

I really don’t understand the hesitation on the part of the government to guarantee MSP on 23 crops but, strangely with all those things they have been insisting on repealing the laws. If repealing the laws is one of the issues then it only should be the issue because it in itself contains all other issues. Yes, the government shouldn’t have brought them in a hurry but perhaps it didn’t expect the kind of resistance and obduracy that is being linked with Sikh pride.

Navneet Bakshi
10 months ago

I wonder why the farmers who understand that the laws are really for their good come out in strength in support of the government. It may not deter those who are protesting against the laws but may prove a point to the nation as a whole. Even if the people knows who is behind the protests and who benefits if the laws are repealed, this stalemate is not helping anyone. The farmers or who ever is representing them are obstinate on their part and therefore they can’t see the reason, because they don’t want to see it, but they don’t comprise more than a mere fraction of the whole farming community, so they should be shown their place and the people behind the protest should be exposed. As of now the forces that do not want a settlement have been able to drive a wedge and now it is a kind of a showdown because of the self pride collectively being seen as that of Sikh community against the oppressive regime it is being seen as and that is a dangerous development. As regards withdrawing the laws and representing them in by changing name as you suggest, I think there is one serious danger and that is that once it is done, there will be a clamor for all the laws like NRC-CAA and Abrogation of article 370 against which the traitors and the opportunists have thus far been raising stink, will be brought to a crescendo.

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