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Bringing Porbartan- Copy_Pasted from Sulekha

Bringing Porbartan

Porbartan is a Bengali word. The equivalent hindi word is “Parivartan” which means change. “Porbartan” was the slogan Mamta Banerjee raised for usurping power from the Marxists who held it for twenty-five years in West Bengal, the Indian state which has always been a hotbed of politics. This is the main reason of it lagging behind other states on the development scale and thus major chunk of its electorate continues to be poor.

Porbartan doesn’t come by mere sloganeering. A flyover under construction since last seven years has collapsed, raising many eyebrows over rampant corruption and compromised standards in projects which have no margin for even God’s Act which the CEO of IVRCL, the company building the bridge, is trying to blame for the mishap. How is it that after praying so reverently our Gods are often annoyed with us? Maybe because we try to bribe them too and think that it will work with them as it works everywhere else.

The collapsed Bridge at Kolkatta

A little search on the internet has brought me this result

IVRCL’s gross debt at the end of March 2015 stood at Rs 9,386 crore, up 12.6% over that in March 2014, Bloomberg data showed. In FY15, it reported a loss of Rs 672 crore on the back of Rs 3,117 crore in revenues. Finance costs alone stood at Rs 653 crore. The debt of Rs 7,000 crore was restructured under the corporate debt restructuring mechanism in July last year.

IVRCL’s promoters owned a mere 8.7% in the company as of June 30. They include E Sudhir Reddy who owns a stake of 3.13% and is the chairman and managing director, E Sunil Reddy (0.52%), SV Equities (0.54%) and Soma Hotels & Resorts (2.43%).

And they have already handed over the sick company to a group of banks, who own it like hundreds of such sick companies to which they have extended thousands of crores of public money

I am sure a little more exploration in to the antecedents of the Promoters, will lead me to the Political connections but that is not the objective of this blog. IVRCL in just twenty five years in to business and it already has got its finger in every engineering pie. It though specializes in Water Management projects and this falling of a bridge like house of cards may prove to be a watershed for it, yet it makes me wonder, how within such a short span, a company could make forays in to Engineering fields which need great experience and expertise? Already, the bridge is in construction since last nine years and now the inquiry will take another nine years. Then the blame game will start. Mamta Banerjee has already set the ball rolling by saying that this is not the time to play politics and that the project was awarded by the previous government.

The only role that God seems to have played in this is of ‘timing’. It couldn’t have been worse from TMC’s standpoint. Elections are round the corner but city dwellers are not the strength of TMC or any Indian political party for that matter. They play politics with the poor, the underprivileged to whom they sell the dreams of becoming ‘privileged’ one day but work industriously to keep them poor, but this time, some of them are disgruntled too. The skeletons of Tata’s venture in to turning their fortunes around by setting up a car manufacturing unit are still standing on the land Mamata Didi promised to return to them. Their hopes lie shattered because they neither have jobs nor the land to till. During the last round of elections in Bengal, Mamata made a strong pitch of government depriving the poor of their source of food and beat the rhetoric to such a frenzy that she toppled the twenty five years old reign of the Marxists who in principle are supposed to be pro-poor.

A tiny postage stamp size of a land cannot produce rich harvest. For turning the lives of the people around, a positive, constructive approach is required. A realistic vision is necessary. Singur incident happened in 2008 and the people are still landless and poor. There has not been any development in the area because after the exit of the TATAs no businessman worth his salts would have been willing to commit hara-kiri.

The disputed land that was allocated to the Tatas for installing a Car manufacturing plant.

The elections have come around and once again to aflame the passions of the people the political candidates have gone in an overdrive. It was in news yesterday that one candidate drove to Singur in Nano, obviously to tease the people about what they lost, but do these people understand the implications of letting or not letting the development come to their area? Do their representatives understand the meaning of progress? Recently, there was a video clip in circulation on WhatsApp where the people who made the clip are seen going around asking the MLAs the full form the acronym.


All the MLAs shown on the clip couldn’t tell its full form. Though it is not necessary that every elected member of the legislative assembly must know an English term but the point the people who made the clip wanted to drive home was well driven, that many of our so called representatives are illiterate. These are some pit falls of democracy. The power of choosing the representatives lies with the people and thus they come from all sections of the society, the tribals, the backward and the forward alike. All have equal voting rights and in this vast country many come from the constituencies where the very basic benefits of progress are yet to reach.

People protesting against coming up of a car manufacturing plant in Singur

Some days ago there was a news of Sting operation conducted over offering bribe to TMC MLAs for fictitious projects. Many were seen to be grabbing that with both hands. The noise over it has just died down but the dust hasn’t yet settled and unfortunately hundreds of meters long concrete slabs of one real project have come crashing down on the people, frightening the living daylight out of some and extinguishing that of many, literally turning the lives of their families in to real rubble.

Tata Nano Plant in Gujarat

I don’t know at what stage the investigation in to Saradha Chit Fund scam has reached or whether it has been brushed under the carpet. Millions of small savings of the very poor people of the society were lost. The roots of the scam we hear run deep and therefore any outcome of the probe is unlikely.  I wonder how will the “Porbartan” (change) come in this country but I am certain that unless our leaders have the vision, unless we hold the people accountable for their misdeeds and stop voting them to power again and again, unless we change ourselves, it won’t come.

Note:- All pictures are from internet

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Navneet Bakshi

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Suresh Rao
1 year ago

Only Porbartan (Parivartan in Sanskrit) needed at the next W-Bengal Assembly elections (due in May-June 2021) is total rout of the TMC party and removal from office of the autocrat CM who goes by the name of DIDI.

She orders killing of opposition party MLAs, does not permit Central government to pass on financial benefits to poor and needy (listed by her own government in Bengal) directly by the Central government agencies. All other States of India have permitted this. She wants such benefits to go first to the State government, from where she will selectively process and transfer such Central benefits to her vote banks. She does not accept central aid meant for poor farmers. She does not attend any meeting called by the PM of India. She herself is a migrant from East Bengal, She wants to stealthily bring more East Bengalese to West Bengal to grow her vote Bank. She calls all non Bengalis outsiders to W-Bengal. She does not believe in Bengali culture made famous the world over by noble laureate Rabindranath Tagore and Hindu culture popularised even in the west by Swami Vivekananda. She gives direct financial aid to Muslim Mullahs saying they need help; she does not do that to priests of Hindu temples and Christian churches. She does not allow major investors from outside Bengal to invest in Bengal. What kind of self centric rule is this?

Suresh Rao
1 year ago

No one can convince TMC that W- Bengal cannot remain an island with no linkages with investors outside the State; And planning for new projects to bring employment for the people.

Sectarian isolation and dreams of PORBARTAN (Bengali for Sanskrit PARIVARTAN) is just a slogan for Vote banks; communists do not understand that INVESTMENT is a major need to start all new manufacturing activities. LABOR and ENTERPRISE or the other two arms to start new enterprises. Profitable INVESTMENT by those who have CAPITAL to invest should not be confused for CAPITALISTIC take over of peoples’ mind!

Hope DIDI will learn soon in next elections.

Chander Kiran
1 year ago

Interesting the change would be brought about is a big question

1 year ago

Excellent blog taya ji, I am testing the smileys and the start rating also

1 year ago

🙂 cool

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