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Bollywood- The Big Flotsam

Rhea Charaborty’s arrest hasn’t come as a surprise, but it certainly is not the last one. Calling it a tip of the iceberg may sound somewhat clichéd, but how else should I say it? I don’t have the skill of Shashi Tharoor and Shashi Tharoor won’t say it. Why, should we single out someone and expect him to open his mouth when the mouthpiece of Maharashtra Government Mr. Sanjay Raut is skilled enough to mouth more than what is necessary to compensate for the silence of Udhhav Thackrey. I pity him indeed. What was wrong in fulfilling an ambition of becoming a Chief Minister, what if by some manipulations and even by compromising with the ideologies? Politicians are known to do that for themselves, their kith and kin and even for accommodating their ‘Chamchas’, but to me he hasn’t ever seemed to be a politician by choice, but by accident of his birth. When no party got a clear majority in the last elections in Maharashtra, he knew that this could be his only chance of being a CM and also of inducting his son in to the corridors of power, but what Oh! chance it has proved to be. He has been sitting on the proverbial hot seat ever since and it is likely to become hotter. First it was the Palghar, lynching of Sadhus allegedly by pro-whatever but anti-Hindu mob, that had the left and the Congress’es blessings and now this- the alleged suicide of Sushant Singh Rajput which has all the markings of being a pot-boiler. The story that is making the rounds is of another so called suicide of SSR’s ex-manager Disha Salian. It is being alleged that she didn’t commit suicide but was gang raped and thrown down from an apartment where a rave party was on. It is said that in that party some biggies of Bollywood and the heir apparent of political bigwigs were present and she was killed because she had come to know of some secrets of the drug mafia and she passed those on to Sushant Singh Rajput before she was murdered. That was put down in the police records as a suicide and the case was closed.

This whole affair started grabbing limelight after the death of Sushant Singh Rajput which also was allegedly a suicide, but somehow some media channels didn’t let the police put it down as one and close the files as was done in Disha’s case. The sympathies are shifting from one faction to other as new facts are coming out everyday as the investigation by CBI and NCB is proceeding.  Who is right and who is far right? Who is far left and who is left is getting complicated and slowly more and more people are getting involved, such that after sometime you and me will be left wondering who is left? Rhea called Sushant an addict and NCB has found Rhea and her brother complicit in illicit business of drugs and slowly as the web is spreading outwards some five-six people have already been caught in it. If the T.V. channels be believed Rhea has already named some 20-25 people of film industry who do drugs and Kanganna as can be guessed from interviews also can name quite a few.

To begin with the role of the police is highly questionable but how can someone question them? The confidence with which they termed the death of SSR as a suicide and the alacrity with which they, rushed through the formalities of Post Mortem was really remarkable.

Was there any pressure on them? Speculations are many, but they can be very quick once they set their mind on something. They wanted to do the investigation, like they are doing in the Palghar lynching case, but the Supreme Court handed it over to CBI. From the day, CBI has entered the scene, proverbial Pandora’s Box has got opened. ED had already joined in, to probe of money laundering after SSR’s parents lodged the complaint against Rhea and family about missing 15 Crores from SSR’s account. But nobody had expected the drug angle until ED requisitioned the services of NCB on finding some leads to deals in drugs.

Now, both brother and sister are already in jail. In addition to that there are another half a dozen people, who are either behind bars or have been released on bail after having been involved in drug, procurement, using and pedaling. This news of drug and druggies being involved has exploded with such an force that the main case of cause of the death has got relegated to a second place. It all happened after Republic T.V. telecast two interviews of Kangana Ranuat who fearlessly spoke about the way, the drug mafia, the anti-India and anti-Hindu-pro-Islamic lobby is at work in Mumbai.

What came as bigger surprise was the stand taken by Shiv Sena, calling Kangana Ranaut’s rantings as insults to Maratha pride. What has the Maratha pride got to do with it? It’s true that Mumbai police has utterly failed in carrying its job professionally. It is impossible to believe that they couldn’t smell the rat. All indications are that they didn’t want the matter to blow up and the stink to spread. Maybe she should have been less acerbic, but there seems to be a lot of anger pent up in her for the sufferings she underwent in her pursuit of fulfilling her ambition in a swamp called Bollywood and now when a chance has come her way, she wants to get even. Yesterday, BMC visited her house in her absence to find faults with interior modifications done in the house without getting prior approval from the authorities. It is a very old ploy of muscle flexing used by the mighty municipal corporations against the occupants. They use it all over the country when they want to show who the boss is and being true to their elements, they came with the bulldozers and JCBs to demolish the so called illegal superstructures, today. It’s such a shame that while the pots on the roads of Mumbai which result in the loss of hundreds of deaths in accidents, remain un-repaired for years, citing lack of funds as the reason, half of the municipality was there at her hosue to demolish it. Is it how they should have responded to someone who has stood up to expose the rot that threatens to consume innumerable, talented young people, who land up at Mumbai with stars in their eyes to make it big but get swept off their feet by the flotsam.

Note:- All pictures from internet. Used for representation purposes only. Thanks with due credits to the people who clicked those.

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Navneet Bakshi

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RAMARAO Garimella
1 year ago

A good account of events so far. The story has a long way to go as the feisty woman Kangana is not going to let matters rest.
Shiv Sena is behaving like the SS of Hitler.
The less said about the Thackerays, father and son, the better.

Vipin Kaushik
Vipin Kaushik(@vipin)
1 year ago

Quite as summary of incidents and struggle in Bollywood. Normally everyone gets sucked into its operational network being controlled by different mafia groups. It is sad state but true.

Suresh Rao
Suresh Rao(@sureshrao)
1 year ago

I tend to think that the Maratha Manus of Shiv Sena are most insecure!

Most of them (late Bala Saheb included,) have terrorised traders and hoteliers in municipalities of Mumbai. Give us HAFTA or get out of Mumbai… has been their tactics! For ages they have hounded Kannada (Udupi) Kerala,Tamil, Telugu, Gujarati traders, hoteliers and businessmen.

They are of course scared to touch the Dubai rich money spinners in Bollywood film industry. I am sure there are thousands of violations to Municipal building codes in residences built by rich and powerful Bollywood Mughals; Sena will not touch them!

They will attack only the self made Kanganas of HP and Sushanths of Bihar.

I think their AGADHI government will not live long at this rate; they do not understand they have the least votes in Maharashtra.

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