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By Suresh Rao / August 9, 2020

Synopsis: This is a fictional story. The main character in this story is an young lawyer who graduates at the top of his class from a  law school and joins the law firm of a famous criminal lawyer. The young lawyer wants to abolish ‘capital punishment’ in the country as he feels that many a…

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India mentions D-Company in Pak terrorism on India soil

By Suresh Rao / August 7, 2020

India put international spotlight on Pakistan’s continued patronage to terrorism and terrorist organizations with a special mention to the D-Company– headed by Mumbai blast accused Dawood Ibrahim—during a debate at the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday. More on this@

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Service to the Society

By Subramanian Thalayur Ratnam / August 7, 2020

Time and again the world moves on by the contributions by noble services. Here we have to acknowledge & highlight them for helping the poor.  Hundreds of billionaires pledged to give their fortunes away through Warren Buffett and Bill Gates’ Giving Pledge, but very little money may be actually helping people, according to a new…

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By Arun Mehra / August 5, 2020

When you imagine a fighter pilot, what image does your mind conjure up? A calm, composed, intrepid gladiator sitting in a cramped cockpit lined with sleek panels of dazzling dials and blinking lights? Connected to an apparatus for breathing at high altitudes, soaring into the skies in a glistening jet with a streamlined fuselage, which…

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Our Trip to Bahamas

By Suresh Rao / August 3, 2020

My two sons had completed their college education that year and had found their niche careers; things were looking good on the home front. For the first time in decades the four of us in my immediate family were under one roof! Not for long though, since  both sons would leave home soon, one in…

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Perfect Nonsense!

By Suresh Rao / August 3, 2020

I had a ringside seat to witness this rib-tickling modern english play staged in Bengaluru.  Selected episodes from the 2001 PGW-paperback ‘Jeeves & Wooster Omnibus’ were staged at the St Johns National Academy auditorium located in John Nagar, Bengaluru. ‘Perfect Nonsense’ began  with an episode in which Bertie Wooster wants to do a favour to…

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Hath Chalaki And Other Tricks

By Navneet Bakshi / July 21, 2020

Hath Chalakee, (using hand as a weapon), was strictly prohibited by our parents.  That means exchanging slaps and punches were disallowed through an injunction of the family court whose orders were binding on us. There was no provision of appealing against those laws. But there were no instructions about getting rolled up in to a…

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By Unnikrishnan / July 21, 2020

KARKIDAKA VAVU BALI-THE DAY WHEN SPIRITS COME ALIVE: Beneath everything lies trust and faith. It is only because of our Ancestors that we live and thrive in the present. A fact that is undeniable, in both biological as well spiritual senses. World over propitiating spirits is a practice that is done with fervor and dedication.…

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My journey as a writer.

By RAMARAO Garimella / July 6, 2020

I have written many reports during my service in the Navy, and my seniors have appreciated them. Once, when the Eastern Naval Command brought out a bulletin, the editor wanted to include a short story to provide comic relief. The editor thought my piece would need clearance of the Admiral since it poked fun at…

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From My Audio & Video Collections….

By Navneet Bakshi / May 16, 2020

I have lived a great part of my life away from home. But that is not unusual. So many  people are doing the jobs where their call of duty demands them to be away from home occasionally for short or long periods. Defense personnel in particular spend a lot of time away from their families,…

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