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Living at Constance Lodge——Part 6

By Navneet Bakshi / September 21, 2021

Living at Constance Lodge——Part 6     Remembering Father 18th September 2021   18th September was my father’s death anniversary, so let me write some more of what I remember about him. After listening to the morning news bulletin, he would start getting ready for going to the office. His office was hardly fifteen minutes…

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A Hare And A Tortoise Story- Retold

By Navneet Bakshi / October 17, 2020

I got this story through Whatsapp forward, re-written by someone with a changed paradigm . We all have heard this story in it’s original form. This is one of those early stories that every child hears from his parent or a grandparent. And then when he grows up and graduates from the very first stage…

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Jallianwala Bagh – Why Indians fired on Indians? By Rajat Mitra

By blogfriends / October 16, 2020

This Post was shared by Dr. Unnikrishnan on a Whatsapp group Jallianwala Bagh – Why Indians fired on Indians I lived in Hong Kong for some years. One of the facts I observed was that Hong Kongers by and large do not like Indians and many of them even hate us. Whether an Indian goes…

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Who Is A Good Leader?

By blogfriends / September 7, 2020

This article is circulating on the Whatsapp. It is said to have been written by some ex- IPS officer and it may have been written by him/her but perhaps the author wants to remain anonymous. As the post is good, we thought of sharing it here. Former IPS Officer says:- I was so upbeat when…

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Indian offensive to retake Chinese seized territory: The hidden story

By Brig. Bhanu Sud / September 6, 2020

The annihilation of Moldo garrison was assured for the Chinese had clashes erupted. By Col. Danvir Singh New Delhi: On 3 July, the Prime Minister of India arrived at Leh on a surprise visit. Flanked by his Army Chief and the Chief of Defence Staff, he was received by the Army Commander of Northern Command,…

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An Inspirational Story of Dr. Rajendra Bharud

By blogfriends / August 15, 2020

An Inspirational Story of Dr. Rajendra Bharud- (Received as WhatsApp Forward Post) (Translated this from the original Marathi to English so that it reaches a wider audience as this story needs to be told.) Hi, I am Dr. Rajendra Bharud. I was born in Samode Village in Sakri Taluka. A Bhil tribal. My father had…

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