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Baba Ka Dhabha…Part 2

KBC Moment of Kanta Prasad

Link to access Part 1……….

Let’s see things from Mr. Gaurav Wasan’s point of view.  Surely, he wanted to do something for the poor man who was starving but, he didn’t want to see him become an owner of a five-start hotel, flaunting his BMWs while he himself remained a nondescript journalist making Tik-tok videos of people on the street. After all, it was his idea that had borne fruit. It could have never occurred to the likes of Kanta Prasad to do something like this to uplift himself form where he was and on his own he would never have been able to do that. Mr. Wasan can be heard saying in the video that he ( Mr. Prasad, the Dhaba owner) doesn’t   have a phone, though in the picture below, he can be seen speaking on one, but even if he has one, he cannot be having the social media accounts with a sizeable number of followers like Mr. Wasan has. It needs years of hard work and some degree of talent to get that. There are millions of people who post something or the other on FaceBook or Twitter, even I do that, but hardly anyone cares to comment on their posts.

Even the idea of posting a selfie wouldn’t have ever occurred to Kanta Prasad and even if he could just manage to do that, would anyone ever had cared to comment on that?  He would for ever have, remained as one of those countless, unnamed, frail, poor, old people, shedding tears over their plight and asking for relief in the form of death from their creator, in his Dhabha with none to care a damn. It was because of Mr. Gaurav’s effort that his plight got showcased and donations poured in. It is because of Mr. Gaurav’s effort that his Dhaba is having a long list of orders waiting to be delivered and from here on, it might remain on the list of the most popular food joints of Delhi.

It is something like when Mr. Amitabh Bachchan was down in the dumps after his ABC venture had gone bust. A conglomerate of banks that had given loan to his company ABCL, were planning to sue him for defaults on payments.

and more about it you can read here

His financial condition was much worse than that of Vijay Mallya when he flew out of the country to the safe havens of a nation that as a matter of policy gives shelter to such people who embezzle money from India, because they see them as their brethren. But that can be the topic of my next article as for this one, let me continue with my thought of drawing a parallel between the story of Amitabh Bachchan and that of Mr. Kanta Prasad.  As if it wasn’t just bad enough, when Amitabh was neck deep in trouble a female employee of ABCL committed suicide. I don’t know if that link was probed but if the then Maharashtra Government had been as enthusiastic in probing suicides as it is now, he could have been arrested in abetment to suicide case.

I do not intend to pursue this thought any further for Mr. Amitabh Bachchan may sue me for five hundred crores for damaging his reputation and what to speak of paying someone that kind of money for sullying his reputation, I can’t even write the amount in figures. I may have to spend the rest of my life in prison. A thought occurs to me that if Amitabh Bachchan can sell Navratan Tel ( Oil) for a fee or act like a street performer, chewing a Paan and sing a song for a hefty some, why can’t he do an act of being Kanta Prasad for giving a Dhaba owner some popularity for free?

Baba Ka Dhaba- Coming out of obscurity

But as they say in Hindi Sab Waqt Waqt ki baat hai or Samay bada balwaan hai. If fortunes had not smiled on Amitabh Bachchan again, he too could be running a dhabha like Kanta Prasad, waiting for some Mr. Wasan to come his way and make a tik-tok video over his plight. He may have forever remained in the dumps if KBC had not happened. He was certainly the first of the Crorepatis that the progamme promised each winner of the quiz series to become. If Kanta Prasad’s fortunes had played differently, he could have been there conducting the KBC show but according to Chitragupta’s ledger, he had different Karmik debt than Mr. Amitabh Bachchan has, but now when his KBC moment of resurrection had come finally, he just couldn’t let it slip out of his hands.

He learnt about help pouring in from all quarters of India and perhaps the globe too. I don’t know whether he read it or heard it from someone else or someone reported to him about the fortune someone else was making at his expense, he woke up to the possible reality of laughing all the way to his bank where his Jan Dhan account had been opened some two years ago. And when Mr. Wasan came to him after a few days to give him the good news of the donations, which were not even a few lakhs, his suspicions was confirmed. Mr. Wasan was not a messiah as he had thought him to be, but he saw in him a blood sucking parasite, like proponents of the socialistic system, the Leftist Gang,  in support of their calls against deregulation of public sector companies project the Corporates as, or figuratively speaking, he saw in Mr. Wasan, the Ambani that Rahul Gandhi wants everyone gathered at his rally see in every move of BJP government of dispensing with the loss making PSUs. His dhaba could be compared to a loss making PSU until now, but the funds that had poured in to revive that, he saw, were being siphoned off by bureaucrat assigned with the job of overseeing their rightful use. In him he saw a thief, a scheming thief who wanted to rob him of his KBC moment that had arrived albeit late, but it had.

A New Star in the Sky

Although the managers of STAR TV had played a stellar role behind the scene, in revival of the fortunes of Amitabh Bachchan but it was his talent that brought him back the glory that was once lost by him by his misadventure. The earnings from the first show that brought Amitabh Bachchan back from the dark lanes of history he was almost lost to, belonged definitely to Star TV team. He might have even done the first show for them for free or might have been given some five thousand rupees like the remuneration he got for the first film “Saat Hindustani” fifty years ago. Drawing some parallels with it, we can equate Mr. Gaurav Wasan to the sponsors of the first KBC show and likewise, we can see Mr. Kanta Prasad as the then Amitabh Bachchan. With this in mind, I think, Mr. Wasan has every right  on the donations that have poured in, while Mr. Kanta Prasad can keep the list of the orders that have come from the people for the food, after the video went viral. Like Mr. Bachchan used his skill, he can use his culinary skills for getting his business back on footing and, dish by dish, he can turn it around in to the most favoured Dhaba of Malivya Nagar if not of the big metropolitan city of Delhi.

But Mr. Kanta Prasad is not happy. He wants to have his cake and eat it too. I think it was quite gracious of Mr. Wasan to have decided to share some of it with Mr. Prasad, but he seems to have turned greedy. He has lodged a complaint with Delhi police for cheating.

Note:- All pictures are from the net and have been posted here for representational purpose only. I have no rights over them

To be Continued…..

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Navneet Bakshi

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Vipin Kaushik
4 months ago

Interesting plot. Loved AB’s recovery parallels. Waiting for the next part. Cheers!

Suresh Rao
5 months ago

Today’s Micro Small Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) are in similar plight. The pandemic has ruined their ongoing operations; banks do not readily lend a helping hand. Good narrative in this section too.

Road side Dhabas have their place in society; Comparison with Amitabh’s KBC is opt; the way Saat Hindustani come to Dhaba rescue is interesting!

5 months ago

The plot is getting thicker!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Carry on !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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