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Baba Ka Dhaba….Part 3

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Baba Ka Dhabha…Part 1

Baba Ka Dhabha…Part 2

Baba Ka Dhaba…Part 3

The police in India is very quick to react, especially in the matters in which the dispute is over money, because they have read all Panchtantra stories during their school days. Indian school books, except for those that were revised by Teetsa Seetalwad, endorsed by Mr. Kapil Sibal and were being taught till BJP came to power, have always had lots of moralistic stories from Panchtantra tales written 200 years before Jesus was born. One of these stories is “Bandar Ka Nayay”

It is about two cats who found a “Roti” (Chapatee). They were quarrelling over how to divide it and to settle their dispute, they went to a monkey they thought was wiser to them. This storey is essential part of the syllabus in Police Academies around the world and definitely in India where it is taught all over again to the recruits, who are asked to follow it in principle. It appears to me that the British somehow got hold of this Panchtantra book and studied the “tantra” (underlying principles) in wresting control over India and then controlling it. It gave them a great insight in to the Indian moral values, which were of little import to them anyway. They thus junked the morals in keeping with their own culture and adopted the whittled down stories as guiding principles, not only while ruling over us but inducted these as basic standards of social human interaction in all the countries they had colonized for pushing their mantra of bringing peace to the earth by preaching the new testament.  Although the stories in Panchtantra are metaphorical and unfortunately the morals are antithetical, but the purpose of telling the stories in this format is to nurture the thinking in the children for whom the stories were written millennia ago. The focus of the stories is to make the children learn from the wrongs of other what they should avoid rather than seeing the wrongs as right, but devious minds can spurn the morals and adopt the wrongs as rights in life. Cutting the long story short, both of them can’t expect anything better than Bandar Ka Nyaye form Delhi Police.

For those of you who may not have read this Panchtantra story and may not even feel inspired enough to read it even now when I allude to it, let me tell that the monkey in the story gets an old type of weighing scales which used to have two pans suspended on either side of a central rod. He tore the roti in two halves and put them on the pans. As it was expected they were not exactly of same weight and so the balance tilted to one side. He then tore a small portion from the side the pan dipped and ate it. He did it time and again but every time, he couldn’t get the balance right. So in each successive attempt he did the same thing and ended up eating both halves of the roti while the cats waited for him to sort their dispute.

There’s another thought that has come to me over the incident. Mr. Kanta Prasad, it is said is in his eighties. From the pictures, he looks to be very frail and certainly not in the pink of the health. In the video, when asked about his family, he tells that he has two sons and a daughter. While the daughter lives with them, the sons don’t. He puts off the question, when asked if they help him in his business by a brusque NO. There can be many reasons for that, which we do no need to explore but we can’t ignore. Perhaps, they don’t live with them because they don’t have very good relations with the poor couple, which is the way of the world. Maybe, he as a father had been strict or is short tempered or quarrelsome.

But in any case they are old and they don’t look to be in the pink of their health, so it is reasonable to assume that they must be having the age related problems at least. Who would have anything to do with sick, old poor couple who have plethora of woes but no money or property that they may leave behind. But their needs must be very small and something like 6000 rupees which is double the amount PM’s Pension Scheme gives to the poor can be seen as a good amount for them or let’s make it ten thousand a month. Ten thousand rupees per month should be enough for them to live on, without even doing any work. So, if Mr. Gaurav agrees to make a Fixed Deposit of 5-6 Lakhs for them and then the interest on that plus this increase in their sales because of the publicity that might have brought them back a good clientele, should keep them going happily for the years that they are left with. But disputes over the money don’t get sorted by rational thinking. Money is the biggest cause of all the trouble on this earth. So, if they can’t sort it out and would rather continue to fight like cats then the only options they have with them is to seek Bandar Ka Nyaye

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Navneet Bakshi

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5 months ago

Very interesting …this introduction of the Cats and the monkey, Let me see how the events turn out to be !!!

Suresh Rao
5 months ago

Bandar ka Nyaye and reference to Panchatantra era justice is very interesting in quarrels over how to pay for the goodies sold at the Dhaba especially when disputes arise over prices or quantity disbursed. Good narrative makes the story intriguing!

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