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Today, My favourite Colour is Green..

By Ushasurya / December 1, 2020

fields, Green thumb, apples  Whenever we go on our pilgrimages I get lost in green. I am talking about the variant hues  or shades of green . The endless stretches of fields wear an unlimited range of this colour. The trees on the mountains display  leaves of different green. At times the rivers, ponds and…

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My Face Is My Fortune… (A short Story).

By Ushasurya / November 20, 2020

” My Face Is My Fortune …” A Short Story   It looked as if the whole house had gone to sleep. The meal had been heavy, as it was Sunday and far too many items on the dining table. Jyothi had taken extra care and dished out some new recipes. The children loved the…

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Diwali is fast approaching….

By Ushasurya / November 6, 2020

  From Grandma’s Kitchen… Diwali Special Rava Laddus Grandma’s Kitchen opens this Diwali season with a recipe for making those delicious Rava Laddus. The procedure is very simple and anybody can make these mouth-watering laddus in a few minutes. The health benefits that are packed in this simple item are various. This is called semolina…

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Have Grandmas Become Obsolete ?

By Ushasurya / October 28, 2020

I recall with great joy, the moments I had spent with my grandmothers as a kid and also as a college girl. I must say that even after my marriage, the bond  between me and my paternal grandma was so strong  and I do remember a few tearful moments when I cribbed and cried in…

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Boarding Bandra Central.. A sojourn with Edwin Fernandes

By Ushasurya / September 2, 2020

I have experienced a lot of pulling and pushing in the suburban trains and stations while in Bombay for five long years. I have had a new saree torn, a slipper that belonged to a new pair lost ..the list is so long that I shudder to think of any Electric Train journey in Bombay.…

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By Ushasurya / August 14, 2020

Birth pangs ………   I must tell you that the pain that one undergoes before the birth of his /her brain child is none the less compared with what we women undergo on the  cold operation table in the theatre of a hospital awaiting the little one’s arrival. To put it bluntly, the birth of…

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By Ushasurya / August 12, 2020

I belong to a family where WALKING is a passion. A Manthra. A watchword for good health. My husband wakes up at 4.45 a.m. and leaves for his “WALK” by 5.15 a.m. My son who is in Bangalore ” WALKS ” . He has a passion for the MARATHONS and takes part with all sincerity.…

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By Ushasurya / July 27, 2020

REALITIES….. Divya came out of the Art Gallery and paused near the flight of steps for a while. Not that she wanted to go back and have a look at the exhibits again. No way, she said to herself.She started walking towards home. It was well past noon and there was no sun in the…

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The Gecko:)

By Ushasurya / July 8, 2020

  ( Let me explain the title first. It was this crawly  creature that turned the whole household  topsyturvy. The dictionary refers to this creature as a nocturnal lizard with adhesive pads on the feet, found in warm regions. And warm, was our home. And there were plenty of geckos) I went to the kitchen…

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Of words and a chain made with them…

By Ushasurya / July 1, 2020

When words end up being stringed, they make a lovely chain for the readers. Some can be just cast away and some preserved. The best chains are those which are seen again and again and worn close to the heart.Okay.I am talking about blogs. Blogs come in many forms and need not always relate a…

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