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Prasad Ganti

A helicopter on Mars

By Prasad Ganti / April 26, 2021

A helicopter was sent to Mars recently along with the latest rover perseverance. And it flew for the first time outside the confines of Earth. Just for a few seconds, followed by a second flight a little under a minute, a few days later. It was a Wright brothers moment for mankind. Very much like…

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The international ratings

By Prasad Ganti / April 10, 2021

Countries over the world are measured on various scales by different institutions. Some measurements are done by institutions within the country while some by outside the country. Per capita income or how much an average citizen earns is collected and published by the country. While some measures like ease of doing business or gender inequality…

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The pandemic politics

By Prasad Ganti / April 3, 2021

People are being vaccinated against the Covid 19 virus  in some parts of the world. More in some countries while less in some others. While there is a resurgence of cases in India, things are getting better in the UK and the US. Most of the people are vaccinated in the UAE and Israel, not…

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The open door

By Prasad Ganti / March 21, 2021

It was a good sunny day with mild temperature and medium winds.  I planned to fly in a small plane from my home airport to another about 70 nautical miles away. From St. Augustine airport in Florida (airport code SGJ) to Orlando Sanford international airport (airport code SFB) also in Florida. The weather forecast was…

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Success and failure are not forever

By Prasad Ganti / March 6, 2021

Nations are like individuals. Success and failures carry them like roller coaster rides do. Some of it results from statistical events while some of it results from one’s own making.  No one can always be successful, nor can be immune from the downswings of life. Three science and technology examples from recent times have caught…

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Covid19 vaccination scorecard – 1

By Prasad Ganti / February 16, 2021

Now that vaccination for Covid 19 has started across countries in the world, I am watching the scorecard to see the progress. The run rate is not great at the moment, but then the innings has just started. The run rate differs amongst countries and also the controversies arising thereof. Regardless, I am expecting things…

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Indian Budget 2021

By Prasad Ganti / February 6, 2021

Beginning of February is the budget time in India. The finance minister announces the budget for the coming year, which usually includes policy statements from the government. Railway budget used to be a separate event earlier. Now it is combined into the general budget. Which makes it an even bigger event. I have been a…

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The Presidential transition

By Prasad Ganti / January 21, 2021

A new President has been inaugurated in Washington. The incumbent left grudgingly after creating chaos and pandemonium. Back in 1796, when George Washington transferred power to John Adams, it was the first time in the history of the world that a peaceful transition of power had occurred to another elected representative. Over the course of…

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Happy Birthday India Today

By Prasad Ganti / January 2, 2021

Recently, India Today celebrated 45 years of its existence. It is a magazine which started in1975. I was hooked to it almost since its inception. I had breaks in between when I moved to the US. Then it became possible to subscribe to the print edition. Then came the digital edition. Now, the digital edition…

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2020 in review

By Prasad Ganti / January 2, 2021

Wish you all a happy and a prosperous new year 2021. I want to review the events of the past year 2020. I jot the events down as the year is progressing. I might have missed some events and consider some events more important than others. Most would say that 2020 was the most forgettable…

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