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Prasad Ganti

The Sun Scientist

By Prasad Ganti / April 2, 2022

I wrote the following article for the monthly newsletter of our astronomy club. My tribute to Dr. Eugene Parker, who passed away a few days back. He was a pioneer in the studies of the Sun. His ideas were rejected initially and later gained strength on the finding of evidence. A NASA spacecraft launched in…

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Ukraine – Russia’s Vietnam ?

By Prasad Ganti / March 13, 2022

Russia has invaded Ukraine, causing a major European war, coming immediately on the heels of a global pandemic. While different countries have taken different positions based on their alignments, there has been a general consensus against the war. Individuals have taken different positions too, depending on their political alignments and influences of the social media.…

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Meri taal, meri awaaz (My rhythm, my voice)

By Prasad Ganti / February 12, 2022

I spoke to Usha on the New year’s day. She asked me to post some of my songs. Recently, Gopalji requested the same. I normally dont record any of my songs unless there is some need. I have been singing in the bathroom for decades now.  And just beyond the bathroom with some classical lessons.…

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Indian budget 2022

By Prasad Ganti / February 9, 2022

Budget is an annual fiscal exercise which most nations follow. Particularly, in India it has a wide following. By the Business and Industry to see what policy changes might impact them. By the common man to see what tax benefits may or may not accrue. In general, the fiscal policies are announced and are likely…

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Tumhi mere mandir (you are my temple)

By Prasad Ganti / February 6, 2022

The legendary singer, the cultural icon of India is no more. Lata Mangeshkar has enthralled us over the decades with thousands of melodies.  Encompassing the golden oldies, ghazals, qawwalis, and singing for composers from the legendary era of Naushad to the contemporary era of Rahman. I grew up listening to and humming Lata’s songs. I…

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When will the pandemic end ?

By Prasad Ganti / January 8, 2022

This is a million dollar question on most minds in the world. We are into the third year and are still seeing variants emerge and new cases and hospitalizations. With increased vaccinations, we see fewer hospitalizations and deaths on a comparative basis. But nevertheless the discomfort with the pandemic is all around us. Restrictions on…

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2021 in review

By Prasad Ganti / December 31, 2021

Wishing everyone a happy new year 2022 while reviewing the events of the year 2021. It started with President Trump’s supporters storming the citadel of American democracy. And the very slow pace of Covid vaccinations all over the world. The world is certainly in a better shape than it was at the beginning of the…

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Swacha Bharat

By Prasad Ganti / December 21, 2021

Prime Minister Modi first brought the issue of open defecation into the open. As a result, he got millions and millions of toilets constructed mostly in the rural areas of India. This move was appreciated by International institutions like the UN. Now India is moving towards other measures to cleanse the country. It is easy…

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14 Peaks – nothing is impossible

By Prasad Ganti / December 13, 2021

Nirmal Purja of Nepal has achieved something which is nearly impossible. By climbing the world’s 14 tallest mountains in a span of 7 months. Climbing just one of them is a tall order, but all of them in such a short span of time. Hence the title of a recent documentary telling the story of…

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The Red Dragon

By Prasad Ganti / November 21, 2021

China, the Red Dragon, has arrived on the global stage as a superpower. It is sitting on foreign currency reserves of trillions of dollars. Manufacturing prowess makes it a major exporter in the world. Infrastructure is well developed. It is a nuclear power with a massive conventional army and firepower. It could not have been…

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