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Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan

Bihar 2020 Elections – An Analysis

By Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan / November 11, 2020

Post Covid-19 pandemic, the recently held elections was the first major election in India. Along with this, we had by-polls all over India. Bihar is always a crucial state, politically and electorally, even when it was united as it proved vital in forming the Central Government. The counting was unprecedently slow and with thin margins…

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ManuSmriti – My Take

By Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan / October 26, 2020

Going by the chaos created by few politicians who are misinterpreting Manusmriti, i am submitting this piece.  Evaluation: Manu Smriti was written a very long time ago when other civilizations lacked even basic civility, rights, etc. Compared to other prevailing social thought at its time, the work is progressive in many ways On has to…

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Indian National Congress & its revival

By Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan / September 3, 2020

Of late, the biggest and oldest Indian political Indian National Congress is facing several crises. Be it Rajasthan or Maharashtra, or even at the Centre, this party is now facing difficulties in handling the crises it faces from time and again. At the outset, let us all agree that the Congress post 1969 is totally…

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Flipping through fictitious journal

By Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan / September 1, 2020

  10th Jan1984: Appa screamed at me that is nothing new. But he did it in front of all in the tenants. Even she was there! “If you keep scoring only this much, you can land up only to clean the tables at a Udipi Hotel.” Is securing 75% too less? I am perplexed. What would have she thought of me?   12th Feb’84:…

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