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Hemant Chopra

Shaving Sessions

By Hemant Chopra / February 20, 2021

One of the most enduring memories of my child hood were scraping, probing, groaning and blood letting sessions that grandpa undertook which could loosely be describes as having a shave. The whole tedium started with gathering all the implements of ordeal and stacking them on a table outside in sun. A convex mirror was of…

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Rush of memories- Three Poems

By Hemant Chopra / February 11, 2021

  RUSH OF MEMORIES Again I am a little boy with ruddy cheeks With twinkling eyes and bruised knees Running up the stairs two at a time Breaking into a song on a lonely climb Again I am a trusting soul for my friends so dear As I whisper secrets after drawing them near I…

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Iron In Soul

By Hemant Chopra / September 28, 2020

IRON IN SOUL In those days of militancy in Punjab, terror swept the land like cloud of a poisonous gas, oppressive and stifling. In initial days havoc was brought about by the assassins targeting a particular community. Passengers were pulled out of trains and buses and shot in cold blood. People in parks and temples…

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