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By blogfriends / October 10, 2021

WHICH PLANE DO YOU FLY?  By Rajiv Dhar During my young days in IAF this question always haunted me, especially when asked by damsels. I often used to brood over, “why can’t an engineering officer fly an airplane”. As I moved on, I got armed with some standard answers to give, especially at the time…

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The Milkman of Patiala ……Part 1

By blogfriends / January 7, 2021

***** The Milkman of Patiala ***** – part 1 A Story By- Pradeep Mohan in Tales of Simla in FaceBook Pind in Punjab Give me a peepal tree around a village pond with black buffaloes and sugar cane blowing in the balmy breeze and the tinkle of bangles on the slim village belles in colorful…

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Abdul – death in the afternoon-A Story by Pradeep Mohan

By blogfriends / January 1, 2021

****Abdul – death in the afternoon ***** A Story by Pradeep Mohan in a Face Group Tales of Simla And now for something completely different. And over time, Miss Ferrara came to know Abdul, the Pathan coolie who had carried her luggage from the Railway Station on her first day as a teacher of the…

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Kashi and the Right hand crest- By Pradeep Mohan

By blogfriends / December 30, 2020

A Story by Pradeep Mohan in FaceBook Kashi and the Right hand crest Brother Mulligan was a kind man and his gentleness and compassion we could see in his soft eyes and the way he walked and the way he talked and in his reluctance to punish and be severe or shame and humiliate. There…

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This Diwali- Make Sweets At Home

By blogfriends / November 5, 2020

The festival season is around. The shops are preparing for a big rush of customers. They have started putting their stalls outside. Normally the it all starts with Dushera or Pooja Holidays. The decorations start coming up. The shopkeepers put up the pandals in open spaces in front of their shops and light those up…

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Jallianwala Bagh – Why Indians fired on Indians? By Rajat Mitra

By blogfriends / October 16, 2020

This Post was shared by Dr. Unnikrishnan on a Whatsapp group Jallianwala Bagh – Why Indians fired on Indians I lived in Hong Kong for some years. One of the facts I observed was that Hong Kongers by and large do not like Indians and many of them even hate us. Whether an Indian goes…

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Who Is A Good Leader?

By blogfriends / September 7, 2020

This article is circulating on the Whatsapp. It is said to have been written by some ex- IPS officer and it may have been written by him/her but perhaps the author wants to remain anonymous. As the post is good, we thought of sharing it here. Former IPS Officer says:- I was so upbeat when…

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An Inspirational Story of Dr. Rajendra Bharud

By blogfriends / August 15, 2020

An Inspirational Story of Dr. Rajendra Bharud- (Received as WhatsApp Forward Post) (Translated this from the original Marathi to English so that it reaches a wider audience as this story needs to be told.) Hi, I am Dr. Rajendra Bharud. I was born in Samode Village in Sakri Taluka. A Bhil tribal. My father had…

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Kishore Kumar, The Legendary Artist of Indian Cinema

By blogfriends / August 4, 2020

Kishore Kumar whose 91st birth anniversary falls today, was one of the brightest stars of Bollywood Cinema. He was a class apart from the rest of the artists of his genre, because he had the versatility that none could match. He died thirty three years ago, but the songs that he sang sound so refreshing…

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Tasty Recipes, Delicious Preparations

By blogfriends / August 1, 2020

This recipe we have picked up from Raksha Ki Rasoi on FaceBook pages. This is what she says about her recipe सिर्फ 2 कप दूध से रसमलाई बनाने का एकदम अनोखा तरीका जान लेगे तो हर बार इसे ही बनाएंगे/6 minutes rasmalai/new bread rasmalai दो कप दूध से बनाए झटपट यह टेस्टी रसमलाई Easy to…

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