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Attempting To Change The Perception

This Blog started as a comment on the blog “So what will another five years of Modi be like ?” by Pathmanathan, who admitted that he has never been to India and therefore his views were based on media reports. Thank God, his views are not based on Indian media’s reports or he would be expressing grave concerns about re-election of Modi as PM because of BJP winning elections. Concern is there in his tone but it is more of a caution and a prayer for some good sense prevailing upon Modi for not unleashing vengeance on southern states, especially TN for not voting for BJP. Out of five comments that have been posted on the blog so far three have been posted by the South Indians. Barring one, who has endorsed his view point about Modi being jealous of the South Indians States (Read South Indians), none has even taken notice of his concern.

Before going any further Mr. Pathmanathan, I would like to make a statement here that this website operates from Chennai and is owned by a Tamilian and at present most of the bloggers here are South Indians. I don’t know how many other people will read your blog but I dare say that, except for one comment that you got in agreement to your fears regarding the backlash from Modi or the bias against the South Indians, the North Indians have…you may not get another, though the majority of the people who are still reading here and therefore might read your blog are South Indians. Assuming that ten people read your blog, so there will be nine for and one against Modi and this is what is the outcome of the results of this General Elections.

 Your views give a glimpse of what crap your media picks up from Indian media or where else? Western Press? Well, it is not much different from what the Indian media throws up for the consumption and delight of mainly, the western press. They and the Indian media too are funded by the people who colonized India or left behind the legacy to their subservient minions.  

Of course the faithful servant can’t have a different thinking from that of their masters, but the the masters themselves refuse to accept that the world has moved on. They long for the return of colonialism, because they haven’t done anything in their life except living on the loot hoarded by their ancestors who were dacoits. And because the contents of their coffers are fast depleting and they don’t know, how to slog their asses to make money they manufacture schemes to weaken, the countries that are rebounding because of their inherent ability to rise from the ashes.

 And why is Indian Media so anti-Modi? Well for that you may have to go much deeper in to what has been the cause of continuation of colonial mindset even after 70 years of the end of the British Raj and as to why unlike the other countries India couldn’t showcase its heritage and its culture other than Showcasing Taj Mahal which is not an inheritance but a tomb of a Mughal invader and maybe Khajurao carvings which is not what India is all about.

Modi in the last five years has upturned the very way the world sees India and it seems to me that the effect of this is yet to filter down to Malaysia where you live. To say the least, your perception of what India is and what Modi stands for is far from reality and you must take peace in the fact that the nation as a whole has given him a collective thumbs up..although there are some who see it differently, but that is good, because it is the true spirit of democracy. Opposition is good and it is necessary for a good democracy and therefore I would say the sorry state of shambles in which the Indian opposition now is, is not good for the nation.

“To people outside of India, it would appear that Modi is having a running battle with the South. I can only guess that this is because the South is unwilling to adopt Hindi as its official language. Whereas some of the states in the South do not mind adopting the Hindi language, TN will have nothing to do with it. Is this why Modi refused to meet with the Tamil  farmers when they went up to Delhi, or why he did not visit TN when it was devastated by the cyclone Gaja ? We note however that he had no qualms whatsoever of jumping into his chopper and visiting a God- man in Coimbatore (“ this God- man by the way, has his own chopper, a fleet of luxurious cars and dirt bikes ) ! And let’s not forget how he sent the police to Kerala to arrest those who slaughtered cattle!”

BTW, even Modi is not from a Hindi speaking state. His mother tongue is Guajarati and mine is Punjabi. Do you have any idea about the cultural diversity of India? There are 720 distinct dialects in India and 22 recognized languages. TN is rigid about non-proliferation of Hindi because of political compulsions. Hindi films that are produced in Chennai are among the best and Tamilian actresses have always been the main anchor of Hindi Cinema. A.R. Rehman, is perhaps the best known Music Director outside India. He not only is a Tamilian but a born Hindu who later converted to Islam because one Godmen told his mother that doing so will bring him good luck. This in itself speaks volumes of religious tolerance and co-existence of different cultures and faiths in harmony that is the very essence of life in India. Gregory David Roberts in his celebrated novel Shantaram says:-

“The simple and astonishing truth about India and Indian people is that when you go there, and deal with them, your heart always guides you more wisely than your head. There’s nowhere else in the world where that’s quite so true.”

Living together is the very essence Hinduism which so far was not being showcased. Hindi language is a non-issue. English is the official language in India and if you ask me the British today are very sorry for the mistake of their ancestors of teaching English to the Indians because now because of it Indians can take up many jobs globally which couldn’t have been possible otherwise.  

I don’t know when TN farmers went to Delhi and Modi refused to meet them. At least it didn’t even make a headline news in India. The plight of the farmers India and the politics played with it cannot be discussed in a blog or two. Jumping in to the Chopper of a Godman? I think you are talking about Sri Sri Ravi Shankar here- He is among the most popular ones, but across the length and breadth of India there are hundreds of such Godmen who own fleets of Choppers and luxury cars. BTW Sri Sri Ravi Shankar is from Karnataka. The famous ones from TN are Swami Nityananada and Sadguru.

NTR was a film actor who always played God and was so famous that people of Andhra saw him as an incarnation of God, so much that even today if I write here a word disparaging him, many will feel offended. Indian politics is so complicated that he didn’t succeed much in politics but his son-in-law who was the CM of Andhara until yesterday was so upset with Modi for not giving special status to Andhara that, he literally waged a war against Modi and went all out to forge an alliance of anti-Modi parties. So passionate was he in his mission that he forgot all about his own state and ended up losing the state elections too which were held simultaneously. Now he has all the time in the world to formulate strategy for ousting Modi, but he has no support because all those who had grand dreams of filling the ministerial chairs have all lost the elections.

For the benefit of those seeking to extract favours from the centre on one pre-text or the other, I would say, that my state of Punjab was plundered hundreds of times as all invasion to India came from the west and when India was partitioned, it was this state that suffered the division and progrom, but we never begged for assistance or help. And today, once again, Punjab feeds the nation. The pride is the essential part of resurrection. Punjabi farmers who have settled in TN have brought riches through farming there and they have done that to Canada, US and Australia as well. What more should I say in this extempore essay, Rajnikant, the most famous Tamilian actor and the one who enjoys God like status all over the south is Maharashtrian by birth.

Who sent the police to Kerala to arrest those who slaughtered the cattle?? Do you mean cow here? Why would Modi send the police to Karela? He can’t do it even in Delhi. The CM of Delhi, Mr. Kejariwal controls them in Delhi.   

“Where did he get the funds to erect the world’s largest statue ? Even if this was funded by a special group of businessmen, was it the right thing to do, especially since there are more pressing needs that the money could have been put to good use. There are a host of other things he did which casts a shadow to loom over his personality and ability to make the correct decisions. On the contrary, he seems to be influenced by Hindu nationalism and wanting the world to know that India is a Hindu nation, come what may, and all its citizens better tow the line, or else ! Is he aware that dissent is part and parcel of democracy”

I have collected the following information from the internet:-

Let me give you some facts about the statue of Vallabh Bhai Patel that is being brought up in the river Narmada. Yes, it is estimated to cost around USD 420 million. The statue was visited by over 1.5 million visitors in five months after its opening to public and is expected to generate around 15,000 direct jobs in tourism and allied sectors for tribal people every year. Metal scrap (mainly agriculture equipment scrap) was collected from the 6 lakh villages under the ‘Loha Campaign’ from across the country for constructing it. The statue is intended to promote tourism and generate revenue, which will uplift the lives of the tribal people living in the area. The visit comes at a small expense. Charges for adults is Rs 120 and for kids it is Rs 60 to visit the memorial, statue site and Sardar Sarovar Dam. Tickets for observation deck costs Rs 350. There is also large audio-visual exhibition gallery, spread across 4647 area with an automated ramp. A museum and a memorial is constructed at the base showcasing artefacts and documents from the life of Sardar Patel.

There are further plans of developing the area. When complete there will be a Cafeteria and a three-star hotel where accommodation will be available in the middle of the hills of Narmada forest.

A special tent city will be set up with 250 tents spread across 70,000 sqft to provide tourists an experience of night stay on the banks of Narmada. It will be powered by solar energy with panels capable to generate 250 kw power.

The Statue has 17 km-long Valley of Flowers having 100 varieties of flowers. Selfie Points in 5-km radius around the Statue is have also been constructed.

An staff of 100 cleaners will be deployed to keep the premises clean and  there about 80 trained tourist guides.

Who says that the statue was funded by some businessmen? This article will become very long if I start listing the schemes initiated by the NDA government to help the poor and the poor indeed have benefited. That’s why cutting across the divisive lines of caste, class and religion, which were thus far the cash cows of the political parties of India, the people have voted for Modi.

What is wrong in being a Hindu and being proud of it? It’s because of the tolerance and co-existence that Hindu religion preaches that all invaders who came to India, could live. It’s different that they went about their mission of converting Hindus to their religion. Is there any other religion in the world that even preaches to be tolerant to other faiths?

Modi has brought the pride of heritage to Indians which so far was seen as paganism and the Macaulayites, Lutyens, the scum of the British Raj left in India, has never let the nation feel proud of it. On the contrary, they have been pouncing upon every instance of public outrage of sacrilege, which to a Hindu believer also includes, killing the cows and branding it as RSS (which is pro-hindu outfit and one that still carries the blemish of assassination of Gandhi by one of its followers) sponsored hate politics and attempt at Saffronization ( forcing Hindu beliefs on others) of minorities, terrorizing them and cowering them to tow the line as you say.

You really have very distorted views of India, of her people and what is happening here, but you can’t be blamed for that because after all- you can believe only what you read, hear and see. If the news that is flashed abroad is fake or half-truths and the picture that is presented to the world outside is distorted, it is our fault that in the name of freedom we let that happen- and it happens Only in India. Don’t worry, Modi won’t starve Tamil Nadu for not voting for him, they never have, but nobody outside of Tamil Nadu knows why it’s impossible to break the bastion. Maybe, the jealousy that you spoke of is there in the minds of people.

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