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Aching For Love

Aching For Love

I looked for you my little one,

Here, there and everywhere.

Near and far for days together

Hoping to catch a glimpse of you

Where have you gone my dear?

Leaving me behind

Come back to me fast

I cannot live without you

I will keep on looking for you

Even if I have miles to Go

Am tired with the long walk

But my mind cannot rest

I knocked many doors in vain

Listening for your whispers

I looked around and around

Mistaking the sounds for your steps

Where have you gone my darling?

Leaving me alone ailing

Did you not hear my heart beats

Aching for the love from you


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Chander Kiran
1 year ago

Very well expressed the ache of a feeling heart..
Pray to learn to cope up with it …Amen!

Navneet Bakshi
1 year ago

This is poignant. I don’t know if it is about a real loss or a flight of fantasy. I am saddened if it is real, but things do go wrong in life. Loss of a child is unbearable.

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