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A Tribute To Mohammad Rafi

A Tribute to Mohammad Rafi

Writing a tribute to Md. Rafi on his 40th death anniversary that falls on 31st July, is going to be pleasant but a daunting task. Never before have I written an article on any known personality. It needs a lot of research and for writing an article on a legend of the stature of Md. Rafi one has to be thorough. The idea to write about him struck me after reading an article on him in The Tribune on last Sunday. It added spirit to the desire that, had got lit by constant uploading of audio and video song clips that are regularly loaded by friends real and virtual, in many whatsapp groups that have become essential parts of one’s social contacts.

Md. Rafi by his own admission, had said in one of the rare audio clips, I happened to have heard while listening to Binaca Geet Mala compilation by Amin Siyani, that from the childhood, he was attracted to singing and he would follow the singing Fakir who used to come in the village. He was born in a village named Kotla Sultan Singh in Amritsar Distt. It is said that he was casually singing Waris Shah’s Heer when Pandit Jiwan Lal Mattoo of AIR Lahore, discovered him. He took him under his tutelage and taught him classical music and helped him hone his talent.

He could sing songs based on complex ragas with great felicity. His versatility, repertoire and tonal nuances, make the songs extremely enjoyable. He has sung, peppy romantic numbers and patriotic numbers with as much elan he has sung the sad songs and Ghazals, expressing depth of emotions. The  excellence with which he has sung the Qwwallis has and will remain unparalleled for all times to come. In his career spanning forty-five years, he sang a mind boggling number of 28000 songs in many Indian languages.

O Duniya Ke Rakhwaale

Though majority of the songs he sang were in Hindi, being a Punjabi, singing in Punjabi was close to his heart. In fact, he started his career by singing in a Punjabi film Gul Baloch in 1945. I learnt from the article in the tribune that he later sang another duet Aa Chann Ve and Sun Sun Nikki Jayee Gal which also became very popular, but I am unable to get the youtube videos of those as I have never heard those songs.

I will try to look for these songs and many other Punjabi Songs mentioned in that article, for the listening pleasure, but my idea of article this tribute is to bring to you some of his songs that are my all time favourites.

Din Dhal Jaaye from Guide

It is not possible for me to bring all the songs of him that I like under one article, so let me post here, some Punjabi Song Videos of his, before signing off.

Aivein Duniya Deve Duhai from Jaagate Raho

Click on the above link for listening to the song.  ( Note:- You will have to use back arrow <—- on the top left of your Browser for returning to the Post after listening to the above song). 

Teri kanak di Rakhi Mundya Hun Main Nayin baindi- Film Do Lachhchhiyaan

Mitar Pyare Nu- From Nanak Naam Jahaz Hai

I have got so engrossed in selecting the songs for you, that I have forgotten that, someone has to devote time to read it to. I am sorry, but as the thoughts of more and more songs are flooding my mind, I don’t know, how to say, Bye for Now.

Let me add, the Mohd. Rafi’s part from the long Qwwallee,

I have got so engrossed in selecting songs for you that I have forgotten that you will have to spend time in reading it and listening to the songs, but the subject is so dear to me that, I just don’t know, how to take leave of you. Let me just add, Mohd. Rafi’s part from the long Qwwallee, ye Ishaq, Ishaq Hai Ishaq Ishaq before saying Good Bye- but do let me know, how you have liked my post in the comment section, so that I may decide to bring to you more such Posts.





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Ashok Devedi

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RAMARAO Garimella
1 year ago

Fantastic! I am a great admirer of this guy , and the first two songs are my eternal favorites. In fact, I play these two songs every day.
Thanks for posting this beautiful piece.

Arun Mehra
Arun Mehra(@arunmehra)
1 year ago

He is an all time favourite among music lovers.

1 year ago

A wonderful post indeed. We look forward to more such posts from you Ashok. Keep posting them. Thanks

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