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INDIA PM Modi’s 3-day Visit to USA … my musings

After Joseph (Joe) Biden became President of US in January ’21 (winning a photo finish race for ‘White House’ beating former President Donald Trump,) this is the first time PM Modi of India is making a 3-day visit to US… visiting Washington DC for one-on-one meetings with President Biden, VP Kamala Harris… also heads of States of Japan and Australia to firm-up the QUAD alliance with four major powers: US, Japan, Australia, India on September 24th.

  • India’s right wing media (with a PM Modi bias,) speculates that QUAD might become a military alliance to counter CHINA’s aggressive bullying tactics or hegemony in the region. By such talk what they mean is… if CHINA makes military moves to annex TAIWAN (for example,) QUAD countries will come together and protect TAIWAN, confronting CHINA!
  • CHINA is a strong Naval power too… with more than one nuclear sub already deployed in region!
  • India’s right wing media also says Australia has plans to build nuclear subs. It will take 20 years to build a nuclear sub and Australia has not made even a start in that direction!
  • India has a nuclear submarine but will India counter CHINA? I doubt it since India has all along maintained that QUAD is a trading alliance, not a military alliance against CHINA. 
  • Will US bring its nuke sub(s) to region to attack CHINA? I doubt it! US is tired of waging long wars (cold or hot.) It has sacrificed hundreds of thousands of its soldiers in WWII and in the 20 year long confrontation in AFGHANISTAN, fighting TALIBAN. Public opinion in US is against US soldiers putting their boots on foreign soil to fight wars to support border wars of trading partners in Asia, Europe or any foreign region.
  • JAPAN too will not get into another long war (cold or hot) anymore… JAPAN has suffered a lot in WWII.

QUAD parleys to take place on September 24th at the White House. Hope such talks remain talks for maritime trade and commerce, COVID VAX co-operation between the 4 countries meeting face-to-face for the first time in years.

I sincerely doubt if these countries make public how they will confront the dragon bringing their military resources to south china seas or even Indian ocean region.

      • (Visit my earlier blog(s) on geo-politics of maritime trade and commerce in Asia-Pacific as well as maritime trade with Afghanistan and Iran, over the Arabian sea. 

See the source image 

(picture from net of Willard Intercontinental Hotel, Pennsylvania Ave, Washington DC)


On September 23rd, at Willard International Hotel in Washington DC, PM Modi met CEOs of 5 fortune 500 US-companies that could (perhaps will,) invest in India, participating in ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ initiative of PM Modi,

  • US companies that PM Modi met on September 23rd at Willard Intercontinental Hotel in DC included:
    • Qualcomm (AI, 5G & cloud computing specialists)
    • Adobe (Computer Software Company)
    • General Atomics (Unmanned Drones Company) 
    • First Solar (Solar company)
    • Blackstone (Global Finance company)

These meetings have  been widely reported in US and Indian media.

It is learned that these meetings were to usher-in cutting edge technologies to India that can boost India’s newer initiatives like:

  • 5G telecom technology that can crank up India’s economy (visit link at end of this blog to read my earlier blog on 5G.)
      • See the source image 
      • (5G tower picture from net for illustrative purposes only.)
  • Predator Drones technology including immediate purchase of __ unmanned Drones that can fire missiles from a height of 500 feet to destroy enemy targets located 200km and beyond.
      • See the source image
      • (Missile(s) capable drones from net for illustrative purposes only)
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Cloud Computing capabilities in US and India under ‘Atma Nirbhar Bharat’ initiative of PM Modi
      •      Robot's Hand on a Blue Background
      •      (AI, 5G, Cloud Computing software capabilities for illustration only)


we will all know soon how far these initiatives from India PM will bring fast results.

Expectations are high on these issues.




  • Watch what Indian diaspora is doing to welcome PM MODI this time around@




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Suresh Rao

Mellowed out and enlightened septuagenarian. Tech savvy. Social writing is just a pastime to kill time. I keep contributing to several developmental projects in the area of engineering education, IT and Healthcare projects launched by my kith and kin. I am too lazy to write a book, 'cause I think my life itself is a book! I am also at
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Navneet Bakshi
1 month ago

Indeed a very interesting development. Modi hai to mumkin hai. He thinks far ahead. You are right as far as India is concerned this meet is not for seeking American help to arm India. It is more for seeking business avenues but it is necessary to flex muscle to China because it ever since withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, it has started nurturing big dreams and with their pet dog Pakistan always ready to wag tail, it is important for India to redefine strategy for balance of power in the region.

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