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Month: October 2020

शरद पूर्णिमा

By Alka Kansra / October 31, 2020

Happy Sharad Purnima. शरद पूर्णिमा शरद पूर्णिमा की रात लक्ष्मी जन्म की रात आसमान में पूरा चाँद सोलह कला सम्पूर्ण चाँद धरती को स्पर्श करता चाँद अमृत बरसाता मंद मंद मुसकाता चाँद तभी तो कृष्ण ने रचाया राधा संग महारास Alka Kansra

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ordeals of an amecable bachelor

By Suresh Rao / October 30, 2020

The protagonist in this story has asked me not to mention any real names when I told him I am going to write about him… make him famous!  Since every story must have names for characters, I will give alternate names or occupational titles, etc etc. Don’t ask me who are etc, etc… my lips…

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Left hand does not know what the right hand does… PMO, Ministry, RTI reponses are all different!

By Suresh Rao / October 29, 2020

I cannot understand why the central ministries and PM’s office cannot give the correct numbers and/or information on Covid committment by INDIA to other countries, including China to which assistance was given using an air force jet,  to deliver the aid to China at Wuhan! It is time PM/PMO consulted ministries before issuing public statements! …

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Recipes from Here and There

By Govind Panta / October 28, 2020

Who doesn’t like good food? But, well liking it is one thing but liking to try one’s hand in preparing some dishes is altogether a different thing. We appreciate good food and love to have it, but we often don’t think complimenting the cook is necessary especially if she happens to be the wife. In…

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Have Grandmas Become Obsolete ?

By Ushasurya / October 28, 2020

I recall with great joy, the moments I had spent with my grandmothers as a kid and also as a college girl. I must say that even after my marriage, the bond  between me and my paternal grandma was so strong  and I do remember a few tearful moments when I cribbed and cried in…

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Charity And Us

By Navneet Bakshi / October 26, 2020

Charity And Us A deluge of thoughts occurred to me when I read this Whatsapp forward today in the morning. * एक सुन्दर जानकारी मिली, अच्छी लगी, आपके साथ साझा कर रहा हूँ।* यूरोप का एक देश है नार्वे …. वहां कभी जाईयेगा तो यह सीन आम तौर पर पाईयेगा…. एक रेस्तरां है … उसके…

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ManuSmriti – My Take

By Gopalakrishnan Narasimhan / October 26, 2020

Going by the chaos created by few politicians who are misinterpreting Manusmriti, i am submitting this piece.  Evaluation: Manu Smriti was written a very long time ago when other civilizations lacked even basic civility, rights, etc. Compared to other prevailing social thought at its time, the work is progressive in many ways On has to…

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देसी दारू का तालाब

By Charumati Ramdas / October 22, 2020

    देसी दारू का तालाब लेखक: मिखाइल बुल्गाकव अनु.: ए.चारुमति रामदास ईस्टर संडे की रात को दस बजे हमारा नासपीटा कॉरीडोर ख़ामोश हो गया. इस सुकूनभरी ख़ामोशी में मेरे मन में एक विकट ख़याल कौंध गया कि मेरी ख़्वाहिश पूरी हो गई है और बुढ़िया पाव्लव्ना, जो सिगरेट बेचा करती थी, मर गई है.…

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NASA touches and probes an Asteroid

By Suresh Rao / October 22, 2020

(pic) This NASA handout image obtained on October 21, 2020 shows Nightingale Hazard Map and TAG Location (L-top R) and NASA’s robotic arm from spacecraft Osiris-Rex (bottom R) making contact with asteroid Bennu to collect samples. – When NASA’s OSIRIS-REX spacecraft touched the surface of an asteroid this Tuesday, after a four year long journey, …

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Grow, Transform, Evolve

By Alka Kansra / October 21, 2020

Grow, Transform, Evolve In the ongoing Pandemic life has almost come to a halt and all the complexities for the survival of life have boiled down to a few simple essentials. This has given us an opportunity to think about, to ponder upon the life that we have been leading and the life after Covid…

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